Amazon Cyber Monday 2021

Profit Whales Team on Nov 26, 2020

Cyber Monday is a marketing expression for e-commerce deals on Monday after Thanksgiving in the USA. The main idea of such an event, the same as it is with Black Friday, is to promote products and to encourage customers to buy online. In 2021 Cyber Monday falls on November 29.

Amazon also does not stand aside from this occasion, the platform announced Cyber Monday 2020 the biggest shopping day in the company’s history.

The preparation for Cyber Monday

Because of the current Amazon attribution model, it takes no less than 2-3 weeks for any increase in sales to take a significant effect on organic ranking. So, having Sponsored Ads running for 1-2 weeks before the sales event is a surefire way to allow Amazon’s algorithm time to account for the seller´s extra sales. 

This will help the product’s BSR, as it gains more sales, but it also heats the keyword ranking. Thus, running PPC ads for high volume + high relevance keywords pays off – not when the seller starts Sponsored Sales – but when the time comes for organic sales to take over. 

There are several tips for boosting sales on Cyber Monday in 2021.


Cyber Monday Marketing Tips

  • Changing and adjusting the main picture 

Picking something flashy, bright, and provocative can attract more Amazon viewers. A seller might consider a product image that will stand out not on a big screen, but also a small smartphone screen. 

  • Sponsored Brands Video creatives and its improvement

The option of Sponsored Brand Video will accelerate sales during Cyber 5. It is important to increase the bids and target a lot of relevant keywords so all the opportunities will be captured. 

Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads Guide includes useful information about SBV improvement.

  • Considering lower prices in compressing to the competitors

If the profit margin allows it, it makes sense to put lower pricing than direct competitors have. The algorithm reacts to a lower price favorably, albeit not instantly. But once the seller starts receiving a few extra sales, it should start changing the product´s position in search results. 

  • Going to the Advertising Manager and bidding for high impression relevant keywords and targets 

This is a risky move if an advertiser sells Sponsored Products near break-even ACoS levels already. 

It can help if a seller copy-pastes these keywords in Amazon’s search console and scrolls down until the point where Sponsored Ads are. 

If they are at the bottom or middle of pages 2-4 – the seller needs to increase the bids so ads will appear at the top of mentioned pages, it can help to catch the eye of those Prime Day shoppers who did care to go beyond page 1. That is why it’s worth trying.

There is much more useful information about keywords in Amazon Keywords Research article.

  • Top of Search Placement advantages

Having a Top of Search Placement can adjust all the bids in any ad group en masse and let Amazon’s algorithm apply this adjustment discriminately for the ads to jump to the first 50% of Page 1.

At most times this aggressive strategy is inferior to carefully piloted individual targeted keywords bid increase. But not on Cyber Monday. If sellers see that products can do it – dial in 50%-100% adjustment for the Top of Search – and observe the results.

  • Product targeting

Another significant point of sales increase is Product Targeting in Sponsored Display and Sponsored Products to appear on competitors Product Pages.

  • Running DSP or remarketing ads

Running DSP or remarketing all the customers who have viewed the listings can bring certain advantages in business success. It is useful to have different touchpoints with the customers. 

To sum up, Cyber Monday is a wonderful occasion for businesses to boost sales. Unfortunately, it takes more work to achieve this goal. Ad optimization certainly is one of the most important points in this process.

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