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Customer Reviews on Amazon

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Profit Whales Team on Sep 13, 2020

Reviews are a crucial part of Amazon business. On one side, they influence organic ranking and on another, customers trust the reviews more than any other constituents of the listing and they play a decisive role in buyer’s choice “to buy or not to buy”.

Nevertheless, it is essential to know how to start a business and only then discover all the secrets of reviews.


“I started my FBA business back in 2016 and did it the wrong way. My partner wasn’t aware of the Amazon FBA thing, however, he showed me the right way to build an eCommerce business.”

– Ihor Dubovetskyi, CEO at Profit Whales


The Right Way of Building Amazon Business

Before talking about the correct order of actions while managing the start-up, it is logical to mention the common mistake: finding out the level of competition before learning what is the target audience of the product and how to attract the relevant traffic.

The prosperous order in the business planning:

building Amazon Business


First, sellers find out everything about the audience. Then, when it is possible to spend more money on developing a better product, sellers can solve the problems mentioned in the reviews. 

And here comes the review question. Sellers set up the system of touchpoints with the customers so they can share their opinion about the product. After figuring out the problem, the seller can make customers an offer to improve the reviews. 

This strategy will bring more profit, more reviews, and boost the rating.


Researching Out the Audience

To reach the audience sellers use Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon reviews to find out the pain points of the future customers. Sellers join the communities and communicate with them.


Customer’s Loyal

The key to the buyer´s loyalty is the first impression. Making it pleasant increases the chances of receiving a 5-stars rating, that customers will come back for the product again and spread the word about it to their friends and relatives. 

The product also has to connect with customers emotionally and help them to solve the problem.


The Options How to Receive Product Reviews

 New “request review” button 

On the order page in Seller Central sellers need to press the button “request review” and Amazon will send the request review message. Basically, it means the end of Amazon follow-up software. If the seller wants to support the customer, it is better to do it via an insert card that sends the buyer to the seller´s email or chatbot. 

  • Early Review Program

This is an Amazon program that costs $60 to enter, and it gives the first five reviews. This program allows selecting several customers to write reviews for the products. It helps listings that have few or no reviews.

Amazon only asks customers who have already bought the item to leave their honest reviews. 

  • Following up the customers 

Sellers can also follow up with customers via the Amazon message system and 3d party software to ask for their honest review. 

  • ManyChat

This tactic is a little bit technical. Sellers use this strategy to cross-sell to the current customers, support them and ask for reviews. 

  • Audience on Facebook 

It is about gathering the users of particular interest in a Facebook group. For example, if Amazon users sell travel gear on Amazon, they need to create a base of loyal buyers who are interested in traveling. This will help to generate good sales and some Amazon product reviews.


While launching a new product on Amazon, sellers usually take the help of social media and find pages with the right audience. The right audience will help to achieve quality Amazon product reviews.


  • Product insert cards

Insert cards are a good source of Amazon reviews. But sellers cannot encourage people to leave a positive review. Reminding the customer to leave a review is fine.

  • Building an email list 

The best way to build the email list is a giveaway. To be precise, to run a giveaway of a high-priced item related to the main product. Providing people valuable content can help a seller to launch the product with a big discount. 


To conclude, reviews are essential for business progress. Unfortunately, it is not that obvious how to get reviews and ratings on the product, but there is a list of ways to encourage buyers to leave their opinion.

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