• Where Else do Amazon Sellers Sell?
    Where Else do Amazon Sellers Sell?

      Amazon has become a globally recognized name, with 14 country-specific marketplaces, 175+ fulfillment centers across the world, and active shoppers in over 180 countries. Millions of third-party merchants are selling their products on Amazon. There is no doubt that sellers know that the online platform seems to be the goose that lays the golden…

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    Ruth Castillo on Jul 13, 2021

  • What is important during the off season 1
    What is Important During the Off-Season?

      The presented popularity trend illustrates collected data of the product humidifier. The purpose of the analysis is to identify the period of the highest and the lowest demand for the product and determine the ways of the most effective work possibilities based on analyzed data. The axis in the graph shows a sharp increase…

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    Profit Whales Team on Jun 25, 2021

  • Geo Ranking on Amazon
    Geo Ranking on Amazon

    “Amazon in 2022 is not the Amazon of 2013. These days things are getting harder, sellers are crafting new ways to conquer the algorithm and achieve the success” – Ihor Dubovetskyi, CEO at Profit Whales   Seller’s prosperity on Amazon depends on the ranking. For the launch and scale phase of the business, sellers can…

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    Profit Whales Team on Sep 15, 2020