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Amazon Branding Strategy in 2021

Dec 02, 2020
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Dr. Amazon Podcast with Saddam Hasan

In this episode our guest is Saddam Hasan — the Founder of AMZ One Step. This time Saddam and Vitalii talked about Amazon branding, Amazon branding guidelines and how to build your Brand Loyalty. 

How can we help with Amazon branding? Why is Amazon Product Branding is still not used enough? Tune in and listen to the whole conversation!

About the speaker

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Saddam Hasan Founder of AMZ One Step

Having managed a portfolio of $200M+ per Annum in the past with a background in Financial Planning & Analysis, Saddam created his own company AMZ One Step. He completed the CPA, specializing in Strategic Governance, and he have been working as a strategic partner with companies helping them scale on Amazon and grow their E-Commerce presence.

  • 02:25 Branding is the step #1
  • 05:20 First Product Launch – Where Should Be Your Focus
  • 07:05 Create a Customer Base
  • 07:59 FBA Honeymoon Period and Your Branding Strategy
  • 11:12 Can Sellers Get a Second Honeymoon Period?
  • 14:20 Improve Your Branding: Top 3 Recommendations from Saddam
  • 15:25 Build your Brand Loyalty

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