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Amazon Exits in 2021 with Nick Tuzenko, Accel Club

Apr 21, 2021
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Dr. Amazon Podcast with Nick Tuzenko

Buying and selling Amazon businesses looks like a trend of 2021. Your hard work, knowledge, and experience, combined with a bit of luck are all something to be very proud of. And now you are thinking about how to get the maximum profit and sell your Amazon business? You must listen to this episode of the Dr. Amazon Podcast!

We invited Nick Tuzenko from Accel Club, which buys FBA businesses to understand how FBA Acquirers work and could we trust them?

About the speaker

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Nick Tuzenko Founder and Managing Director at Accel Club

Nick Tuzenko is the Founder and Managing Director of Accel Club. With expertise in e-commerce, technology, and M&A, the team at Accel Club is disrupting the FBA industry and boosting brands to the next level. Before founding Accel Club, Nick served as the Managing Director of Busfor, a company that streamlined the bus transportation industry by developing technological solutions to connect bus operators and carriers with travelers.

  • 02:03 Why did they choose the niche of buying FBA businesses, despite the competition?
  • 07:01 What has the Accel Club achieved since its foundation, in 2020?
  • 08:32 How does the Accel Club rate Amazon brands before purchasing?
  • 11:17 Is the Accel Club buying a “young” business
  • 12:05 What are the Accel Club`s next steps after buying a business, development strategy?
  • 16:34 Three top tips for entrepreneurs looking to sell their business
  • 24:08 What books does he recommend to read?
  • 25:42 What could we expect from 2021?
  • 29:47 Who could be our next guest on Dr. Amazon Podcast?

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