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Amazon FBA Product Research Tactics You Need in 2020

Nov 19, 2020
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Dr. Amazon Podcast with Brian Noonan

When it comes to selling on Amazon, sellers face this problem of Amazon product research. No doubts every seller understands the importance of Amazon FBA product research technique because it’s a crucial step, it’s definitely the biggest factor and one of the key components of succeeding on Amazon. 

That’s why we invited a real expert, Brian Noonan.

About the speaker

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Brian Noonan Entrepreneur, Amazon FBA Seller & Mentor

Brian Noonan is a business coach, an Amazon FBA Seller and mentor. He has a Youtube channel where viewers can learn all about Amazon FBA private label, how to start selling on Amazon with FBA and how to create a profitable Amazon FBA Business.

  • 01:05 How to do product research on Amazon?
  • 03:28 What are the key elements of finding the right product?
  • 04:59 What products to avoid?
  • 06:12 Find your product in the niche you’re passionate about
  • 12:08 Brian’s story

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