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From Amazon Seller To Amazon Agency Owner with Danny Carlson

Feb 15, 2021
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Dr. Amazon Podcast with Danny Carlson

Today we’re going to be talking about how to grew from Amazon Seller To Amazon Agency Owner with Danny Carlson, CEO of Kenji ROI. 

Danny Carlson is a 27-year-old entrepreneur, podcaster, & lifestyle architect. He started his first business producing extreme downhill long boarding videos in 2014 & has since grown the Amazon FBA Agency Kenji ROI to more than 10 team members.  Kenji ROI has served over 500 Amazon sellers & created photos, video, copywriting, & graphics for over 1240 listing

About the speaker

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Danny Carlson CEO of Kenji ROI

Danny is now living in Bali full time and is running a successful business with a virtual team. Danny shares his thoughts on how finding the right mentor can 10X your results in a short period of time and take you to the next level. He is really focused on having time and location freedom. As a result of having a business that is not fixed to one location, he is able to hire talent all over the world.

  • 01:10 How did Danny start working in the e-commerce?
  • 03:30 From carpenter to Amazon Seller – How long did it take?
  • 07:30 The biggest challenge as an Amazon Seller?
  • 11:39 What stops people on the road to success?
  • 14:00 What would you say to yourself at the beginning of your journey?
  • 17:10 How to contact Danny

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