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How Amazon Sellers Could Fund their Business?

Mar 24, 2021
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Dr. Amazon Podcast with Alex Sklar

Not a newbie on Amazon? Do you want to grow, launch new products, use all ads channels? At that point, you could experience low cash flow, one of the commonplace problems. Let’s delve into it. New guest of Dr. Amazon Podcast Alex Sklar, Head of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at Payability, a financial expert.

About the speaker

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Alex Sklar Head of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at Payability

Alex has 10+ years of experience in Finance & Accounting and 8+ years in Fintech. He is creating actionable insights, reducing costs, communicating product benefits, and understanding customer needs throughout it all.

  • 03:32 How could Amazon sellers evaluate when the right time for funding their business is?
  • 06:30 What are the best ways to finance an e-commerce business?
  • 11:29 How does Payability help clients to grow?
  • 17:24 What special offer does Payability have for 7-8 figure sellers?
  • 20:40 Three main tips from Alex on how to manage their finances and do funding accurately.
  • 27:06 What books does he recommend to read?
  • 28:41 What could we expect from 2021?
  • 32:17 Who could be our next guest on Dr. Amazon Podcast?

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