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How Amazon Seller’s Mindset Can Affect Your Success?

Nov 04, 2020
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Dr. Amazon Podcast with Brandon Clark

Did you know that your mindset can affect your success as a seller on Amazon? The way you think about your Amazon business, set up the goals and see the obstacles determines the results of your business.

In this episode we talked to Brandon Clark, who is an Entrepreneur, a Digital Marketer, Amazon Strategist, and Advisor who helps brands overcome obstacles. Brandon has a really impressive story, leaving with chronic pain daily, he runs successfully a few e-commerce and Amazon private label companies.

About the speaker

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Brandon Clark Entrepreneur, a Digital Marketer, Amazon Strategist

Brandon currently owns and operates multiple private label brands with a strict focus on the Amazon and Shopify platforms. He also helps individuals, small business owners, and Amazon business owners achieve high revenue, brand growth, and helps them develop an overall strategy for success.

  • 01:45 About Brandon
  • 04:14 Fear based mindset
  • 06:15 Short Term vs Long Term Prospective
  • 06:58 How your mindset impacts your Amazon Profits
  • 10:45 Different stages you go through as Amazon Seller
  • 12:15 How to set up the right goals
  • 14:25 The power of daily routine
  • 16:40 How to deal with difficulties
  • 19:25 Top 3 Insights from Brandon

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