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How to Build Your Brand on Amazon with Seth Kniep?

Oct 14, 2020
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Dr. Amazon Podcast with Seth Kniep

In this episode Seth Kniep – the co-founder and CEO at Just One Dime, shares from his personal experience how to build and design a new product on Amazon and build a brand around it. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

About the speaker

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Set Kniep Co-founder and CEO at Just One Dime

Discouraged, $24,000 in debt, and living the death-by-paycheck cycle, Seth believed in a better future for him and his family. Seth doubled his dime 20 times into over $100,000, selling on Amazon. He turned that into several multi-million dollar companies, and today, leads Just One Dime, a coaching company for Amazon and ecommerce sellers.

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:00 About Seth and Just One Dime
  • 02:35 How to differentiate yourself among competitors?
  • 04:20 The first thing to do when you want to build a brand.
  • 07:40 The value of understanding your competition.
  • 10:23 How your product is different?
  • 12:51 How to find a product designer
  • 15:15 Is Amazon saturated?
  • 15:45 Look at the word as a producer
  • 16:45 What is NNN Agreement and why you need to sign it?
  • 19:35 Negotiate the right deal with a supplier.
  • 22:27 How to launch your product to build a brand around it?
  • 23:22 Three stages your customer goes through.
  • 24:18 How to build trust with your customers?
  • 26:11 Why it is easier now to build a new brand?

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