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Networking As a Key to Online Selling Success

Apr 28, 2021
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Dr. Amazon Podcast with Carlos Alvarez

Where could Amazon sellers find answers to their business questions? 10 years ago they had to deal with problems by themselves. Today, any problem can be solved in the Amazon community. Groups on social media, groups in messengers, offline meetings, and conferences are opportunities to make strong connections and scale your business. 

How to do it correctly we asked Carlos Alvarez, founder of the World’s Largest Meetup Group for Amazon sellers Wizards of Amazon.

About the speaker

  • 02:12 Carlos’s success story, first product launch, and mistakes
  • 04:48 History of creation and development of The Wizards of Amazon to the largest Amazon seller meetup group in the world
  • 11:37 How the Wizards of Amazon adapted to Covid-19
  • 13:58 How is the Wizards of Amazon different from other online communities
  • 17:57 The Wizards of Amazon plans for 2021-2022 – joint trips, cruises, meetings
  • 21:36 Top Tips from 9-figure Amazon Seller
  • 28:28 What could we expect from 2021?
  • 30:40 Who could be our next guest on Dr. Amazon Podcast?

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