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The Secrets of Scaling a Valuable Business: Process Improvement, Recruiting

May 12, 2021
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Dr. Amazon Podcast with Yoni Kozminski

In this episode of the Dr. Amazon Podcast, we are talking to Yoni Kozminski about efficient e-commerce business scaling secrets. Yoni is convinced that enhancing systems and processes is the key to running a thriving, profitable business.

Yoni’s experience in scaling businesses quickly led him to start two ventures. Escala helps companies increase profitability and output potential. And MultiplyMii performs the HR function for top e-commerce talent in the Philipines. It will be helpful for business owners and sellers who want to eliminate themselves from delivery, grow business.

About the speaker

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Yoni Kozminski Founder & CEO of Escala, MultiplyMii

The bulk of his career to date (10 years prior to Amazon, MultiplyMii & Escala) has been spent in digital marketing and creative advertising in Australia, Israel and Los Angeles working with the likes of Mercedes-Benz, MasterCard, Sony, Medtronic Diabetes, Mondelēz International, and eight-figure eCommerce brands. He is the Founder & CEO of Escala, MultiplyMii, which take on two core functions: the end-to-end executive search & HR function for top eCommerce & Amazon talent in the Philipines and Management Consulting practice focused on process improvement to build efficiencies at scale for the same market.

  • 01:58 Yoni’s personal success story: from digital projects to Amazon
  • 06:54 History of creation and the primary mission of MultiplyMii & Escala
  • 13:50 How long it can take to optimize business, build a workflow, implement everything and see the result
  • 16:54 Types of business owners, if it is better to be involved or delegate
  • 25:20 How to schedule your day and eliminate yourself from delivery
  • 28:02 What books does he recommend to read?
  • 29:47 What could we expect from 2021?
  • 32:05 Who could be our next guest on Dr. Amazon Podcast?

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