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What Can you Learn From 8 Figure Amazon Seller with Rupesh Sanghavi

Nov 11, 2020
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Dr. Amazon Podcast with Rupesh Sanghavi

We decided to bring to our Dr. Amazon Podcast one of Profit Whales Amazon PPC Agency clients!

Amazon Seller who has definitely tons of e-commerce business insights to share — Rupesh Sanghavi, Founder of a successful e-commerce company, their business sells online in 100+ marketplaces (including, offering 1+ million unique SKUs.

About the speaker

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Rupesh Sanghavi 8 figure Amazon Seller

Founder of a successful eCommerce company. Profitable from Day one for the last 10+ years. Acquired 4 companies recently and integrated successfully. Built a team of 650+ employees across 6 locations. Company offers 3+ million unique SKUs for sale across 20+ different websites. Ecommerce & Digital Sales expert.

  • 02:16 About Rupesh Sanghavi and his business
  • 04:40 How do you manage all your businesses and team? What things you’ve learned managing such a huge team?
  • 06:40 What seems to you the challenging part of selling on Amazon?
  • 09:48 How do you take that message to vendor?
  • 12:43 How did you start working on Amazon?
  • 19:52 What are your plans for Q4 period of time? Or are you thinking more about strategies for 2021?

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