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  • How different are the product results on two big Amazon marketplaces?

    Canada vs. USA Marketplaces The described product is an example of Canadian and USA marketplaces’ distinctions. The table shows ad sales, ad spend, and total sales of the represented product on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca. Despite the significant result differences presented in the table, the product is a bestseller on both marketplaces. Ad sales of the…

    Profit Whales Team on Jul 16, 2021

  • Where Else do Amazon Sellers Sell?

    Amazon has become a globally recognized name, with 14 country-specific marketplaces, 175+ fulfillment centers across the world, and active shoppers in over 180 countries. Millions of third-party merchants are selling their products on Amazon. There is no doubt that sellers know that the online platform seems to be the goose that lays the golden eggs.…

    Ruth Castillo on Jul 13, 2021