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  • amazon ranking
    How PPC Improves Amazon Ranking

      Amazon ads are more competitive than ever. How can you push your ad campaign above the competition? This article tells you how to boost your Amazon ranking. From the live scalability of its search engines to the unparalleled exposure it can provide any product, Amazon is a seller’s dream come true. The marketplace has…

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    Victoria Melnychuk on Nov 18, 2021

  • Geo Ranking on Amazon
    Geo Ranking on Amazon

    “Amazon in 2021 is not the Amazon of 2013. These days things are getting harder, sellers are crafting new ways to conquer the algorithm and achieve the success” – Ihor Dubovetskyi, CEO at Profit Whales   Seller´s prosperity on Amazon depends on the ranking. For the launch and scale phase of the business, sellers can…

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    Profit Whales Team on Sep 15, 2020

  • Dr Amazon with izabela hamilton
    How to Rank Higher on Amazon?

    Dr. Amazon Podcast with Izabella Hamilton Today we have an amazing guest on our show, the Founder and CEO of RankBell, Izabella Hamilton.  We talk about ranking strategies on Amazon. Because without ranking you cannot move much, even if you have a good product. Amazon is becoming more competitive and there is no way you…

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    Profit Whales Team on Nov 25, 2020

  • Kitchen Brand Product Ranking
    Boosting Amazon Home & Kitchen Brand Product Ranking 

      Profit Whales case study: helping a brand improve its ranking on Amazon.   Company Background The brand that sells various things for a cozy home and a healthy workflow in the US turned to Profit Whales in the need of ranking improvement. From plates, glasses, and appliances to upholstered furniture, lamps, and decorations –…

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    Profit Whales Team on Nov 03, 2021