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Amazon PPC Automation Software is what you need.

Grow Your Business
It takes money to make money, and we'll provide a return on investment in the most pragmatic way. We'll precisely tune your working keywords, pause your unprofitable keywords, find out the new ones, and include them in your ads.
Efficient Budget Management
The maximum outcome from each dollar you invested is guaranteed. Fantastic ROAS you never even dreamed of being possible you will get in a most stress-free way. Our system is designed to allocate your advertising budget into the keywords with the highest sales potential.
Save time with automation
The time you have, that's the money you don't have. You'll stop wasting time and money for optimizing your ads, hiring an expensive specialist, investing in your in-house team, or manually analyzing tons of data from search-term repots.
What is the main issue with Amazon PPC?
It is complicated. So when we say - complicated - we mean it. The Amazon PPC algorithms were developing for many years, without any respect for the advertisers. It is hidden, it is unfriendly, and it is tough to understand for the Sellers like we are.
Why should you think twice before doing Amazon PPC yourself?
Because it's tough to find a black cat in a black room, so even harder to do this with a hidden, complicated Amazon Ads algorithm. We spent much time to find out how to work with Amazon PPC. We got a skill to understand the horrible Amazon ads reports user interface and how to use it for business growth, so you’ll never download any search-term report again.

We are unique. Why?

Say NO to rule-based optimization

The other software on the market offer to choose so-called rules-based optimization. It means that you have to waste time to pick some optimization rules. We are not like them. Frankly, we haven't rules optimization. We don't do this job for you. So you will not. However, who will?

Data-driven algorithms

It will open an optimization session, and you'll become the miracle witnessed. Based on your historical data and data on your profitability, the software will optimize your ads, and you'll see this process in realtime.

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Product goal aware optimization

Set up your optimization for selected products

Inside the software, you'll find four business goals. You have to choose one of them and start optimization. Naturally, for each of them, we use a unique algorithm to achieve efficient results.

Enter your Net product margin and other details

Based on your product information, the software will calculate the target ACoS and other useful metrics needed to achieve your business goals on the product level.

Access a lot more data

See all the changes that software performs

You have to make yourself comfortable, sit, and enjoy changes that software would do. You see for what you pay, it soothes, right?

Use our dashboard to see the whole picture of your Advertising

Sixteen types of metrics would be waiting for you on the user-friendly dashboard, and we are planning to show up much more in the nearest time. The dashboard is important because you can get insights from the data shown and see the whole picture of the advertisement as a whole.

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A little bit about
our algorithms



Price aware algorithm optimizing your product attribute targetings(ASIN’s, categories) based on your Target ACoS and make bid adjustments based on your historical data to reach the best results possible.


Adding not relevant customer search terms that have unhealthy ACoS, or too many clicks and lack of sales, as negative keywords in the Auto and Broad campaigns to ensure you invest your money in the best keywords for your product.


The algorithm optimizing your keywords based on your product profitability and conversion rate and make bid adjustment to get the best Ad position for your product.


User search terms, which are ASINs that either has large ACoS, or a large number of clicks and lack of sales and added as negative ASIN PATs to ensure your product is showing only on competitors pages that convert into a sales.


The algorithm will search through your advertising reports to find profitable and relevant ASIN's and add them to your PPC campaign so you can steal traffic from your competitors.


Adding potential and already valid user search terms as a new keyword to PPC campaigns. The quality of the keywords is determined based on your Target ACoS, conversion rate, number of sales, and other essential metrics.

What our customers
saying about us?

“I share my feedback about working with Profit Whales Team on my PPC Advertisement. Everything cool! We are delighted! We got more sales than we expected - we are flying out, not even waiting for the Christmas Boom! Thank you very much!”

Tyrone Lowe

"I saw these guys by chance on someone's Facebook page. I decided to try it. After two weeks, sales increased by about 40%, and the Acos fell from 130 to 70% and keeps falling further :) I strongly advise to everyone! The guys know what they are doing!"

Sarah Steiner

"As a result, today sales for this product increased in three times, and I had to write to the Manager to calm down the advertisement because my Stock would not handle boosted PPC."

Kasey Burt

"The team behind the agency is doing an amazing job by consulting about how to grow the conversion rate and managing our Amazon Advertising campaigns. Their support team is incredibly responsible all day long. Highly recommend!"

Oscar Khan

Data Secure

Our creed is the only way to become the leader is to stick on the three following rules: Security, security, and security. You may call us paranoids but more than 85% of the starting budget was invested in providing protecting digital data. This is our priority and we are able to guarantee the full safety of your data you would use in our software.


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