Home network-equipment brand stands up to deploy the next-gen product

Ihor DubovetskyiUpdated on September 11, 20193 min to read

This 5 months has been crazy.
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Check out this CASE-STUDY where I explain how our client has sold 80k units of Home network-equipment over about 4.5 months and made $2.75m

Date range: 21 Feb 2019 - 01 Jul 2019

PROFIT PER 4.5 months = $2.75m

With Our PPC

• 51k of items of those were sold via PPC campaign - the majority of items was sold due to our work.
• Whilst so, we’ve managed to maintain a reasonable 26% ACoS across all our campaigns.


Did we run the PPC better than our predecessors?

When looking at a set of old PPC campaigns
(were run from 08 Nov 2018 till 21 Feb 2019),

we see that said campaigns have cumulatively
provided an average of 180 PPC sales/day @ average ACoS of 45%.

Our campaigns
provided an average of 400 sales/day @ average ACoS of 26%.

With Our PPC

Also, you can see from the graph, not all went smooth during this period.

For example, in May 2019 our client had a temporary stock-out on Home network-equipment. This had a visible impact on turnover and revenue in that month. However, other things being equal, we believe in having done an excellent job over this time.

Although increasing PPC sales, more reviews, and low ACoS are generally considered an ultimate goal for a good PPC Campaign - Profit Whales thinks differently.

Our ultimate goal (we consider a real success) with most campaigns we undertake is providing our customer with a stable (and fewer ads spent-dependent) sales, which is ultimately our goal.

Ihor Dubovetskyi

For this particular customer, our next move would be to boost Home network-equipment sales in such a manner temporarily further, that client’s organic sales would follow. Ideally, we would be aiming to move PPC-to-organic sales ratio from current 2/1 to a much more stable ½ ration.

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