Profit Whales helps Dog Accessories Brand dress up our pets

Ihor DubovetskyiUpdated on August 30, 20193 min to read

One of the clients was able to increase Sales from 37,405$ to 414,496$ in seven months of work using Zero-to-Hero.

How do I know this?

This dog accessories brand turned to Profit Whales in July 2018 with four private-label SKUs listed on

They completely outsourced marketing on Amazon to our team and have generated more than 1,500 Five Star customer reviews and is now recognized as one of the most innovative and reputable names in the pet industry.

Date range:
7/11/2017 to 3/1/2018 Vs. 3/1/2018 to 1/11/2019

The […] company turned to Profit Whales to improve their Amazon presence​, expand their ​customer reach​ and fully outsource ​Amazon marketing so they can focus on the main business.

To do so,
they already knew they would need to establish extended Amazon advertising campaigns to increase product discoverability​ and drive ​extra traffic​.

Previously, the majority of their revenue was coming from sales based on a small number of keywords.

Thanks to our in-house software, we were able to generate over 1,500 relevant keywords​. Using this large a semantic core allowed us to turn Amazon is a ​powerful channel​ to expand brand’s reach and significantly grow their user base.

NOTE: If you still don't know what is a Semantic Core, and why do you need it? - Here is an example of the Semantic Core we are doing to run PPC on Amazon

Primary Goals

• Increase Amazon sales


The results

• +1,008% increased sales from PPC

• Sales increased from 37,405$ to 414,496$ in seven months of work

Period analyzed:
7/11/2017 to 3/1/2018 Vs. 3/1/2018 to 1/11/2019

Goal 1: Increase Amazon sales

The goal of Amazon keyword collecting is to discover and later bid on relevant keywords (search terms) used by customers to find a particular product.

Instead of the “set and forget” approach, we were able to push their brand up the listing with a strategic keyword campaign. This campaign proved to be quite effective and allowed to increase net Amazon sales from 37,405$ to 414,496$ over a 7 month period (compared to the previous 7 months).

Goal 2: Get the “BEST SELLER BADGE”

By bidding aggressively on one of the top keywords, we were
able to get the Best Seller badge for the […] brand.

Also, we were able to get the Amazon Choice badge for nearly 40 Long Tail

As one might expect, that resulted in a huge bump in sales, once the brand […] found themselves over this fence.


Can I promise you this type of results for your Amazon business?

No. And if I told you "YES" then I would be lying.

But I can promise if you click the link to fill in the brief we can figure out whether or not we can grow your Amazon business!

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