Best Solutions Emerge When People and
Technologies Supplement Each Other

Proficient team

Our team serves your business purposes, focusing on the identification of the most efficient path for the advertising campaigns to accelerate company’s growth as well as development. Our proficient team has not only deep knowledge of PPC but also of marketing trends in the different niches and markets. We are continuously learning to support our unique approach and to supplement it within the innovative solutions.

AI solutions

Profit Whales uses proprietary machine learning and algorithm-regulated solutions. It has already processed over two million real-life Amazon account iterations. And today it serves business efficiency improvement. It is learning daily, offering new possibilities to grow. Every day we have new possibility and we fully use it to produce even better results

Data driven decisions

Obtaining proper and relevant data is just a part of the complex task, and it is imperative to analyse it properly and make effective decisions. Our team digs deep into the data and enjoys finding great insights to foster business growth. We adore what we do and do it with passion to achieve great results.

Software support

We are growing through new data, algorithms, and market trends analysis that has led to the development of innovative close solution. We are focused on continuous development in order to obtain even more relevant data to make thorough decisions. Value creation lies in the heart of our performance: our client and partner’s goals and achievements encourage us.

Keyword automation

Harvesting good keywords for a PPC campaign is a daunting task. Profit Whales Automation takes care of that for you. And it keeps testing new ones for active campaigns to achieve optimal performance.

PW Unique Structure for SP/SB/SD

Amazon Advertising Campaigns are more than a set of folders with targeting keywords, negatives, bids, and ASIN’s. It is a tool not only to keep different approaches and advertising techniques separate, but also to advertise in a controlled and accountable manner as well as to enhance Sponsored Product, Display, and Brand campaigns. Profit Whales offers its unique, time-proven PPC Campaign structure that leverages both Big Data, algorithms, AI, PPC management experience, and successful performance with dozens of big brands on Amazon.

Profit Whales unique approach to
PPC campaign structure

    PAT Module

  • Brand defence campaigns
  • Competitors attack campaigns

    Negative Module

  • Campaigns that lead to CVR growth
  • Negative keywords that save you money

    Growth Module

  • Harvesting negative keywords for your product
  • Brand awareness campaign
  • Harvesting new keywords (and product targetings) for your product

    Control Module

  • Zero products competition
  • Placement control
  • Easy keywords management
  • Lower CPC’s big pool of 100% relevant keywords (up to 1,000 per ASIN)

Cooperation with Profit Whales
multiplies your results

  • our team is highly professional and ready to work by a unique approach that guarantees high return on investment and low expenses to ensure successful goal achievement
  • our services are highly effective and, therefore, paid off pretty quickly for those Amazon Sellers
  • our decisions are based on big data analysis and thorough decision making
  • our software is the smart application based on the Artificial Intellect abilities and is able to react fast and effective on any changes on Amazon PPC platform which distinguishes it for better from the internal Amazon tools
  • our solution includes all the settings as well as action and guarantees the result
  • our professionals regularly provide you with weekly and monthly reports

We guarantee quality experience with our team

  • 1

    We start with a detailed audit of the entire account and show where the money are spent inefficiently and where the undisclosed opportunities lie

  • 2

    We start the setup of the entire account advertisement

  • 3

    We conduct analytics of each product within the account in order to understand which have the greatest potential for development

  • 4

    We guarantee daily campaign management to achieve your goals and KPIs

  • 5

    You would have weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports for the products we manage

  • 6

    All you need is to set your goals, and in our synergy, we would achieve them within the shortest time