Expert service

We created Expert Service for Brands to give your Sponsored Products campaigns attention they need while you grow your business. Let PPC professionals from Profit Whales do the work they enjoy.


Starting at $300/month*
+ ad spend fee + one-time fee

* Pricing varies per SKU count, ad spend and business needs.

Expert Service is the Service that our advertising agency provides to our customers. We run the Amazon Advertising Agency for a long time and developed our private software for managing Big Advertising Accounts with a lot of SKU’s. We’ll also use our Profit Whales public tools like optimization and analytics to reach your most desired business goals.

Why Expert Services?

Profit Whales Expert Service is the best option for Brands looking to combine deep analytics and AI with expert campaign management to drive more data-driven decisions.
With managed services, our experts will:

  • Save you ton of hours of time per week
  • You’ll receive weekly reports with your PPC and Organic sales statistic to make better decisions
  • Daily Bid management to achieve your target ACoS and better ROAS
  • Daily keywords harvesting to find valuable keywords from search term reports
  • Create massive and structured Semantic Cores for each SKU
  • Work with you daily to accomplish your business goals
  • Daily keywords inspecting to cut the losers and keep the winners in the game

Expert Services


Please fill out the form and one of our team members will reach out shortly.

What is your main advertising goal?

The process of working with our Expert Services

A full audit of your Amazon Advertising account
Gathering a pool of relevant keywords to create a semantic core
Weekly strategy calls, so you can review our performance and adjust a strategy if needed.
Weekly/Daily Email Reporting

What customers say about us

“I share my feedback about working with Profit Whales Team on my PPC Advertisement. Everything cool! We are delighted! We got more sales than we expected - we are flying out, not even waiting for the Christmas Boom! Thank you very much!”

Tyrone Lowe

"I saw these guys by chance on someone's Facebook page. I decided to try it. After two weeks, sales increased by about 40%, and the Acos fell from 130 to 70% and keeps falling further :) I strongly advise to everyone! The guys know what they are doing!"

Sarah Steiner

"As a result, today sales for this product increased in three times, and I had to write to the Manager to calm down the advertisement because my Stock would not handle boosted PPC."

Kasey Burt

"The team behind the agency is doing an amazing job by consulting about how to grow the conversion rate and managing our Amazon Advertising campaigns. Their support team is incredibly responsible all day long. Highly recommend!"

Oscar Khan