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Custom Amazon advertising strategy to accelerate your performance

We believe that the sustainable and data-driven marketing approach based on the synergy of machine and human decisions that drives superior performance on retail platforms lies in the heart of Profit Whales company, focusing our strategy to be tied to the creation of long-term value for all our stakeholders.

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This is a great start to accelerate your brand performance! We are offering the services that achive your goals best. Through
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    • Efficient budget allocation to prevent cannibalization
    • AI bids optimization for ROAS maximization
    • High focus on Video and Sponsored Display Campaigns to take over the competitors
    • Deep keywords/targets research to find hidden opportunities
    • Custom Analytics
    • High utilization of SP/SBV/SD campaigns
    • Incremental increase in traffic
    • Niche monopolization
    • Focus on getting and defending Best Sellers Tags
    • Business Analytics
    • Incremental growth of every AD type
    • Getting and keeping Best Sellers
    • Ranking new keywords with Amazon Advertising
    • Data-driven product launches
    • DSP campaigns management
    • Deep Analytics
    • Wide SP/SBV/SD campaigns
    • Brand Defend campaigns strategy
    • Niche monopolization
    • Multichannel control and boosting
    • Data driven campaigns boost
    • Custom analysis and research

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  • Accelerate Profits

    • This is a perfect solution for seasoned Amazon Sellers that are looking for a proven data-driven Growth System and advanced team that can scale the profits in order to invest in new products to expand the brand and diversify the revenue stream
    • It covers all types of Amazon Advertising (SP,SD,SB,SBV) to fuel the growth and make sure that we spend every $1 on ADS with the maximum ROAS possible
    • The strong organic sales growth is #1 goal, the #2 is preventing cannibalization of organic sales by ads sales
    • Advertising management is just a beginning, with our dedicated team you’ll get a trusted partner for life
    • Choosing us as your service provider is like buying BTC back in 2010
  • Accelerate your
    Marketplace Potential

    • This is a perfect solution for Brands that value expertise and proactivity so as to find long term growth.
    • It is closed solution and there is no need to build an in-house Advertising team and spend hundreds of dollars on things that don't work
    • The goal is dramatic acceleration that is achieved through human solutions, AI bidding, and budget algorithms
    • Sponsored Products, Brands, Display coverage increase brand awareness and get most out of advertising. This all combined with custom software, expertise in listing optimization and inventory management opens the door to long term growth of Brand on Amazon platform
    • Be prepared for exponential growth of your customer base
  • Accelerate Total Sales

    • This is a perfect solution for Big Amazon Sellers that already have a huge customer base, but the growth is freezing or increasing not as fast as you wish
    • It covers different ranges of activities, whether it’s new keywords ranking, bids optimization or hunting the Best Seller, testing new tags. It also covers all types of Seller Central Advertising and DSP as well as high utilization of new instruments like Sponsored Brands Video, Sponsored Display for rapid growth
    • The AI bids and budgets management is a part of strategic growth
    • This option covers everything, from product launches to reporting and advanced forecasting with only ONE thought in mind - PROFIT. The entire focus is on profit acceleration and there are multiple ways to achieve it
    • If you are looking for a Rolls Royce on the Market of Amazon Advertising Agencies and Tech Providers you are in the right place
  • Accelerate Brand

    • This is a perfect option for Amazon Sellers with a strong brand strategy. Main focus is on defending all brand products and finding the best opportunities to attract competitors
    • SP / SD / SB - work in synergy within one direction. All products are included in one chain for getting the best results. Multi channel strategy for full control and optimization
    • This option allows businesses to get full control and high brand awareness within a few months for next year
    • All campaigns are developed based on the big data analysis and enable unique strategic options to work on the fast and efficient goal achievement
    • Be ready to accelerated growth
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