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Dr Amazon with Paul Baron
How to Track the Influencer Marketing Impact for Brands
Jun 09, 2021
Running time: 32:11
Guest: Paul Baron

Dr. Amazon Podcast with Paul Baron Times change, and the strategies you use to promote your  Amazon brand need to change too. One of the most effective ways to expose people to your product is influencer marketing. Using opinion leaders enables Amazon brands to reach their target audience in an organic, meaningful way. Today we…

  • Dr Amazon with set kniep
    How to Build Your Brand on Amazon with Seth Kniep?
    Oct 14, 2020
    Running time: 31:33
    Guest: Set Kniep

    Dr. Amazon Podcast with Seth Kniep In this episode Seth Kniep – the co-founder and CEO at Just One Dime, shares from his personal experience how to build and design a new product on Amazon and build a brand around it. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

  • Dr Amazon with Yoni mazor
    Amazon FBA Reimbursements & Refunds
    Sep 25, 2020
    Running time: 26:36
    Guest: Yoni Mazor

    Dr. Amazon Podcast with Yoni Mazor Yoni Mazor from GETIDA shares how to maximize FBA reimbursements in an effective way to grow your revenue. He started selling online about 10 years ago and went from zero to 20 million a year, so don’t miss a chance to learn from professionals and get actionable advice.

  • Dr Amazon with Rael Cline Nozzle
    The Importance of Customer Lifetime Value on Amazon
    Sep 11, 2020
    Running time: 28:03
    Guest: Rael Cline

    Dr. Amazon Podcast with Rael Cline​ Today we’ll talk with Rael Cline from Nozzle.ai about Customer Lifetime Value and why it’s such a powerful metric for Amazon sellers. Join us to learn what Amazon Customer Lifetime Value is; how to calculate it; how it can help you to drive sales; how to build long-term relationships…