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The Software Automatically scanning your Amazon advertising campaigns and showing you all the mistakes

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What mistakes does the tool find?

Duplicate Keywords
PPC scanner quickly finds duplicate keywords that costing you a lot of money. The software detects not only the same keywords but the keywords that Amazon recognizes as duplicates.
Bad-performing keywords
The software finds bad-performing keywords such as keywords with high ACoS (more than your target ACoS- calculated based on your COGS and Amazon fees), keywords with a lot of Сlicks and no Sales, etc.
Poor Semantic Core
The Software analyzing your semantic core and indicates if you don’t have any Brand name keywords, Negative keywords for auto/broad/phrase campaigns, long-tail keywords.
No Keywords Harvesting
The Software shows if you aren’t using broad and auto campaigns for collecting valuable keywords from search term reports.
No PAT’s
Displays if you are using Product Advertising Attribute campaigns to target specific ASIN’s and categories.

How it works?

01 Choose your product

After connecting to your Amazon Store, you will be able to choose a product to scan.

Note! You can scan only 1 product at the same time.

02 Enter your Cost of goods sold (COGS), so we can calculate your Target ACoS

Calculating your target ACoS will make scanning of your advertising campaigns more data-driven and deliver you accurate results.

* COGS is the inventory cost + freight + duty.

03 See all the mistakes you are making inside our terminal and on the graph

The graph is showing in what risk zone you are locating. The terminal is showing the exact mistakes you are doing in your Amazon PPC campaigns.

04 Done. You can also download the report with all the mistakes.

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