Four Amazon Ad Campaigns to Harvest New Keywords LINK

Jul 05, 2021

4 best campaigns to harvest new keywords

In this short article, we will talk about Amazon advertising campaigns that harvest new keywords and targets for your products.

It is crucial to understand that you frequently need to pull out good search terms from your advertising reports and add them to the campaigns. You are paying for this data, make sure you utilize it.

Inside our PPC structure that we call Zero to Hero, we have four types of those campaigns.

As you know, Amazon Advertising is divided into Keywords and Targets (ASINs).

It’s essential to harvest new keywords and targets from your search-term report to stay competitive and employ the advertising data you already bought. At Profit Whales, this process is entirely automated by our algorithms. However, it would be best if you created unique campaigns to find new keywords.

To find new ASINs, we use campaigns that target categories. It would be best if you negated all the ASINs from your Semantic Core in this campaign. In this way, our categories campaign starts working like Auto Campaigns.

The right bids start at $0.25-0.60.

IMPORTANT!!! If you did proper keyword research and all good ASINs are included in your Semantic Core, these Category campaigns will work much worse. That is a good indicator. In this case, you can pause your category campaigns.

Let’s move forward to the «keyword» part.

We have three more campaigns to find new search terms. We call them Broad Negative, Auto Negative, Auto CTA.

You can learn more here:

You can learn more here: LINK

Our structure consists of the Control Part (all exacts) and the Growth Part.

Auto Negative. We negate all exact keywords inside this campaign to find new long-tail keywords. That is called the «black box». For better performance, you can add seed/top keywords as Negative Phrase.

Important: Ensure you do not set high bids for substitutes because it will be hard to control this auto campaign. Also, bid complements should be lower than the substitutes.

Broad Negative, in this campaign, we can guide our harvesting process to find specific long tails. We add seed and top-performing keywords to this campaign and negate all exact keywords inside these campaigns. Make sure you set higher bids than auto campaigns so you do not compete with yourself.

Auto CTA. These are the auto campaigns without any negatives and low bids ($0.10-0.30). This campaign finds keywords that you can’t add as exact keywords.