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Data-driven insights, expert advice, and helpful tips for everyone

new amazon fba fees
US Amazon Fee Changes for FBA Sellers in 2022

  Since the beginning of the pandemic, Amazon fee changes have been quite fair. During that time, Amazon increased its fulfillment capacity and invested approximately $15 billion in infrastructure and other investments that improved the fulfillment process.  All these efforts will need to be partially offset by sellers’ FBA costs, so FBA fulfillment fees have…

Avatar for Catalina Santana

Catalina Santana

on May 17, 2022


  • Top 10 Best Amazon Seller Tools
    Top 10 Best Amazon Seller Tools for an Advanced Level

      There are important software for Amazon beginners. There are Amazon seller tools that exist beyond brand development level, like Helium 10. Sellers’ activity is impossible without such software.  However, also when business becomes advanced, it requires tools for Amazon sellers that can save a lot of time, optimize the brand and reach even better…

    Avatar for Profit Whales Team

    Profit Whales Team on May 13, 2022

  • April Amazon News
    Latest Amazon News — April 2022

      Break or no break, Amazon News Digest always returns with even more helpful information and exciting updates. All you need to know, you don’t have to spend much time learning about the most significant Amazon changes. It’s Amazon News Digest! Just take 5 minutes to find out what happened in April.   Total Conversion…

    Avatar for Anastasiya Vyday

    Anastasiya Vyday on May 10, 2022

  • How to Get Amazon Reviews
    Top 8 Tips on How to Get Reviews on Amazon

      Amazon customer reviews place seem to be the go-to for consumer opinions. But are reviews just a numbers game, or are they influencing purchasing decisions? This article describes how to get reviews on Amazon and an efficient strategy for using customer reviews to drive sales.   Table of content: What are Amazon Customer Reviews?…

    Avatar for Profit Whales Team

    Profit Whales Team on May 05, 2022

  • Secrets of Amazon Seller Success
    What is the Secret of Success on Amazon: Experts’ Tips

      We sat down with experts in the Amazon business and talked about critical issues sellers face in today’s landscape and how they can overcome them to achieve the ultimate success. We’ve been able to learn the secrets of how Amazon sellers become successful in their businesses. Some of those techniques and insights were discussed…

    Avatar for Victoria Melnychuk

    Victoria Melnychuk on Apr 28, 2022

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Case Studies

  • Pet Supplies Brand Case Study
    Making a Pet Supplies Brand Competitive and Profitable
    Apr 13, 2022

        Company Background A company that sells pet supplies, which had seen a lot of success since its launch, encountered problems with revenue and competitiveness and resorted to Profit Whales for help. Pet food, toys, and accessories are just a few of the many products that they offer. They are constantly innovating the products,…

  • Kitchen Gadgets Brand Case Study
    Profit Whales Case: How to Make the Most of a Limited Ad Budget
    Apr 06, 2022

      A story of a successful and profitable exit from Amazon. With our help, of course.   Company Background The brand we are going to talk about today is an outstanding company that provides inexpensive kitchen gadgets and home appliances, including microwaves, coffee machines, and toaster ovens, to people in countries all over the world.…

  • Exclusive Wallet Distributor Case Study
    Exclusive Wallet Distributor: Increased Orders by More Than 40%
    Mar 14, 2022

      Helping the wallet seller get the “Best Seller” badge on Amazon and sell its business for a good deal.   Company Background In July 2020, Profit Whales entered into an agreement with a company that sells various types of wallets, promising to provide excellent service and help the brand achieve a “Best Seller” badge.…

  • Сross-channel Marketing Case Study
    Cross-Channel Marketing for the Beauty & Healthcare Brand
    Mar 01, 2022

      The Profit Whales Case Study unriddles the puzzle of the cross-channel marketing system of functions and its powerful influence on the business under the elaborate management.   Company Background A North American brand has been selling on Amazon since August 2019. The company distributes eco-friendly products: natural decorative cosmetics, skinfood, hydrating masks and repair…

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  • Dr Amazon with Paul Baron
    How to Track the Influencer Marketing Impact for Brands
    Jun 09, 2021
    Running time: 32:11
    Guest: Array

    Dr. Amazon Podcast with Paul Baron Times change, and the strategies you use to promote your  Amazon brand need to change too. One of the most effective ways to expose people to your product is influencer marketing. Using opinion leaders enables Amazon brands to reach their target audience in an organic, meaningful way. Today we…

  • Dr Amazon with Jay Lagarde
    How to Get More Reviews and Seller Feedback: Tools and Software
    Jun 02, 2021
    Running time: 32:05
    Guest: Array

    Dr. Amazon Podcast with Jay Lagarde Amazon reviews. They can be the success or death of your FBA business. When you launch products, it’s time to boost your seller feedback rating! How do you go about it? Sure, you can take time out of your day to find reviews and feedback from buyers, or ignore…

  • Dr Amazon with Yael Cabilly
    E-Commerce Legal Issues: Trademark, Copyright, IP Law Violations
    May 19, 2021
    Running time: 36:45
    Guest: Array

    Dr. Amazon Podcast with Yael Cabilly Everyone selling on Amazon encounters legal issues at one point. The rules are constantly changing. You are writing a plan of action today, but tomorrow it is not relevant. You have to be on top of it all the time.  We have invited Yael Cabilly, an attorney with 15…

  • Dr Amazon with Yoni Kozminski
    The Secrets of Scaling a Valuable Business: Process Improvement, Recruiting
    May 12, 2021
    Running time: 33:20
    Guest: Array

    Dr. Amazon Podcast with Yoni Kozminski In this episode of the Dr. Amazon Podcast, we are talking to Yoni Kozminski about efficient e-commerce business scaling secrets. Yoni is convinced that enhancing systems and processes is the key to running a thriving, profitable business. Yoni’s experience in scaling businesses quickly led him to start two ventures.…

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