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Data-driven insights, expert advice, and helpful tips for everyone

amazon repricing software
Amazon Repricing Software: Your Business Needs It!

  Since its beginnings back in the 1990s, eCommerce has grown to be a multi-million-dollar industry, dovetailing with sophisticated technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), recommendation engines based on behavioral imaging, and targeted advertising to improve the consumer shopping experience from start to finish. Today’s biggest marketplace for eCommerce is Amazon. With over 2.2 million…

Avatar for Darren Heaphy

Darren Heaphy

on Jan 18, 2022


  • Amazon negative keywords
    Amazon Negative Keywords

      Amazon has a lot of ways to say no to your ads, but you also can tell Amazon not to display ads. Negative keywords eliminate irrelevant ads so your campaigns invest only in high-intent areas. They’re a vital component of high-quality ad campaigns, so they’re vital to your success. But they’re complex to set…

    Avatar for Profit Whales Team

    Profit Whales Team on Jan 13, 2022

  • Supply Chain Disruption
    Global Supply Chain Disruptions in 2021 & What to Expect in 2022

      Like every other facet of human endeavors, the international shipping and logistics industry was impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. This has caused parties in the global shipping industry to grapple with myriad pandemic-induced issues since the pandemic outbreak in 2019. These pandemic-induced problems culminated in an international supply chain disruption and necessitated a spike…

    Avatar for Burak Yolga

    Burak Yolga on Jan 11, 2022

  • Amazon news
    Latest Amazon News — Deсember 2021

      The final month of 2021 has passed. During the year Amazon has changed, there was a lot of analyzing, experiencing, and experimenting. So many interesting and unexpected things have happened that Profit Whales decided to gather all the most important updates in the article “The Results of the Year: What happened on Amazon in…

    Avatar for Anastasiya Vyday

    Anastasiya Vyday on Jan 06, 2022

  • Stockouts
    How to Prevent Stockouts on Amazon?

      What is Stockout?  As customers, we have all noticed a stockout. We are desperate to buy that one item, but the seller is out of that product, leaving us disgruntled and ready to buy from another brand with more robust stock numbers. From a seller’s perspective, it means that orders are far exceeding inventory…

    Avatar for Flora Collins

    Flora Collins on Jan 04, 2022

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Case Studies

  • Table Tennis Equipment Case Study
    Table Tennis Equipment Case Study: Zero to Hero
    Nov 24, 2021

      Profit Whales helped increase sales and compete for top-selling positions.   Company Background Table Tennis Equipment Brand is a sports product manufacturing company that is committed to providing high-quality sporting goods at a reasonable price. Its philosophy is making thoughtfully designed yet simple sports equipment available to all customers.   The Challenge After Christmas…

  • Kitchen Brand Product Ranking
    Boosting Amazon Home & Kitchen Brand Product Ranking 
    Nov 03, 2021

      Profit Whales case study: helping a brand improve its ranking on Amazon.   Company Background The brand that sells various things for a cozy home and a healthy workflow in the US turned to Profit Whales in the need of ranking improvement. From plates, glasses, and appliances to upholstered furniture, lamps, and decorations –…

  • Lighting Equipment Case Study
    Lighting Equipment Case Study: Zero to Hero + PPC Automate
    Oct 04, 2021

      Profit Whales takes PPC campaigns to a whole new level.   Company Background In early 2021, Profit Whales settled the PPC campaigns for a home Lighting Equipment Brand that sells chandeliers, solitaires, table and floor lamps, wall sconces, and professional lighting equipment. The client decided to check if Amazon’s advertising department could do a…

  • Art Supply
    Art Supply Brand Case Study: Revenue Increase by 35%
    Sep 14, 2021

      In this case study, we’re willing to share our successful brand value initiative: we’ve utilized all our knowledge and expertise to boost the company’s evaluation before it sold its Amazon business to an aggregator.   Company Background The art supply brand was selling quite well through the US and Europe, generating a $150k turnover…

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