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By building synergy across ad platforms, our Amazon management agency increases profits, raises brand awareness, and expands businesses for our clients on Amazon and beyond.

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Who we are?

Profit Whales is a full service Amazon agency for e-commerce brands that scales them on and off Amazon via a cross-channel approach.

We care for your profits as you do

We provide Data-Driven business solutions with our In-House software

We are more than an Amazon marketing agency. Our team of specialists has technical expertise and partners with your firm to help you gain huge profits. Since 2018, we have vigorously invested in our in-house software to become the most data-driven solution for eCommerce brands and perform the best full-service Amazon management.

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Our services

As an Amazon agency, we support brands across a multitude of marketing services

  • 01 Amazon PPC Management

    Amazon has unique tools for identifying and targeting audiences based on their shopping behaviors, which allows Profit Whales to reach the target audience, maximize ROI and sales, and boost our client’s e-commerce potential.

    Our Amazon ppc services
  • 02 Amazon DSP Ad Services

    Also known as Amazon's "big league" of advertising, this platform includes websites, social media, apps, and video channels. Amazon DSP allows us to increase brand awareness for our clients and re-engage with customers beyond the marketplace.

    Our DSP Ad Services
  • 03 Amazon Product Ranking

    Rather than waiting for users to find their websites and listings from among thousands of others, the Google Ads platform allows our clients to drive convertible traffic with a high ROI. As an Amazon agency, we also value the impact of external traffic on product rankings on Amazon.

    Our Amazon ranking service
  • 04 Amazon PPC Audit

    For underperforming Amazon FBA brands, the brand audit by Profit Whales provides an opportunity to course-correct. We also offer a strategic solution for optimization for those on track.

    Our brand audit service

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Results of Amazon growth management

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What makes our Amazon advertising agency unique

We deliver significant growth for the brands through our holistic approach

  • Cross Channel Strategy

    Profit Whales strives to push sales through the most relevant channels in order to attract customers at the right time at each point of their journey and keep them coming back. With the help of Amazon Ads and DSP data, we customize advertising on other platforms, building a synergy that works for you.

  • Focus on Brand Growth

    Our aim is not simply short-term profit for sellers (spend on advertising = increased sales) but rather, we want to help brands achieve ambitious long-term goals. As an Amazon advertising agency, we help brands focus on increasing organic sales, customer LTV, purchase value, and repeat purchases.

  • Maximizing ROI

    Our Amazon ads agency helps brands maximize the efficiency of their marketing budgets while increasing conversion rates. To monitor customer engagement, the essential method we employ is A/B testing of various content, landing pages, ad campaigns, and marketing channels.

  • Customized Ads Roadmap

    We customize the marketing roadmap for each client to best address their specific needs. In this way we are able to sequentially deliver the right content to the right audience, through the right channels, and at the right time to achieve that brand’s goals.

  • Unique Amazon Ads Campaign Structure

    As an Amazon PPC agency, Profit Whales employs a strategy that is based on client objectives. Our unique campaign structure makes it easy to define goals and set parameters for each ad. In addition, the vast range of campaign types helps us control every segment of the advertising more accurately with precise data.

  • Data-Driven Decisions

    We have always been committed to encouraging each of our client brands to trailblaze their own unique growth paths instead of following the crowd. Thanks to insights gleaned from the data we have access to, our team can skillfully create a strategy to improve products, marketing, inventory, and more for each client.

Profit Whales Team

But, above all else, we value people

We look forward to learning more about your brand and helping you scale to the next level

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