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to Accelerate your Amazon Business Growth

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Enchange your performance with innovative performance approach that accelerates
businesses and helps brands to become Whales in their Ocean

  • Accelerate Profits

    • Efficient budget allocation to prevent cannibalization
    • AI bids optimization for ROAS maximization
    • High focus on Video and Sponsored Display Campaigns to take over the competitors
    • Deep keywords/targets research to find hidden opportunities
    • Custom Analytics
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  • Accelerate your
    Marketplace Potential

    • High utilization of SP/SBV/SD campaigns
    • Incremental increase in traffic
    • Niche monopolization
    • Focus on getting and defending Best Sellers Tags
    • Business Analytics
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  • Accelerate Total
    Sales Growth

    • Incremental growth of every AD type
    • Getting and keeping Best Sellers
    • Ranking new keywords with Amazon Advertising
    • Data-driven product launches
    • DSP campaigns management
    • Deep Analytics
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  • Accelerate Brand

    • Wide SP/SBV/SD campaigns
    • Brand Defend campaigns strategy
    • Niche monopolization
    • Multichannel control and boosting
    • Data driven campaigns boost
    • Custom analysis and research
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Enlighten your future

Boost your business activity by unique knolwedge and
deep diving into the e-commerce sphere

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Redefine your approach

Introduce innovations into your business activities by the
improvement of processes and advertisement focus

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The numbers speak for themselves

  • 150M+

    Revenue Managed

  • 10M+

    Monthly Bid Changes

  • 5M+

    Units Ordered

  • 43%

    Average Sales Boost

  • 1000+

    Unique SKU Managed

Our clients around the world

Profit Whales collaborates with companies from differnt regions, markets, niches to assist businesses to grow, achieve the most couragious goals, and win the market

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We share our insights and innovations
to inspire development

Our team uses Big Data and AI to dive deep into the sphere and niche and develop high quality researches and cases to contribute to the industry development as well as growth

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In the words of our clients

  • David Lang

    Great product. The automation features saves me a ton of time on PPC. I like the daily changelog so that I can see the updates and keep an eye on the AI.

  • Steven Gregoire

    I signed up as a new customer with Profit Whales, and I am new to selling on Amazon. They have taken the time to share their experience and answer any newbie questions I have. They have taken the fear of selling on Amazon away. Straight forward and clear instructions! I recommend ProfitWhales to anyone selling on Amazon!

  • Andrew Tomson

    This is a great company. The best PPC management ever. I was able to scale my e-commerce with them. Don't wait for immediate results. They have a strategy and vision moths ahead.

  • Irakli

    I've decided to use Profit Whales Software because of its user-friendly interface and ready-made full optimization. You indicate your business goal - and the software performs changes by itself. You can't even imagine how much time it saves me! I finally can launch new products and forgat about PPC Optimization using these crazy, unfriendly Bulk-files. That’s it. Easy and helpfull

  • Corina Elena Damian

    I only have words of praise and I warmly recommend this software, but especially the person who has guided me and who does not get rid of me until I win £ 100,000 ,, Professional vitals, explains the steps in detail and has a lot of patience ,,,,,, for beginners on Amazon and not only recommend PROFIT WHALES

  • Mikhail Madaliev

    The guys from Profit Whales are real professionals in regards not only to PPC optimization but also in the field of Amazon itself. I had a great free consultation that helped me better to understand the following aspects: I could felt solid practical experience from their representative Vitaliy and can honehstly say that they do not only intend for their business expansion but at first care about their customers providing valuable support.

  • Maxim Antonov

    Yes, very good company! They helped me a lot with advertising on Amazon and not only with advertising, there are practitioners working there who really know a lot about their business.

  • Dmitriy Golubovskiy

    These guys are doing an amazing job, solved my problem with huge Acos. It took only 2-3 weeks for them to fully optimize all campaigns. I would like to mention separately communication level: wrote even in Sat/Sunday and got answers. Recommend!

  • Ashot Tamrazyan

    Very responsive team! I am really satisfied with how they are working! So highly recommended them.! THX guys

  • Meet Patel

    It was an amazing experience working with Amzbizon, I was really lost in my PPC spending and ACOS, So I took the help of Amzbizon. We started our campaigns on the 21st of November With 48% Acos, With good Keyword targeting and well established and optimized Bulk operation Campaigns, We shoot down to 24.71% in just 12 days, It is a miracle, I wish I could share my Screenshot here. But they have really worked on my ACOS. Thank You so much.

  • Emil Sirbu

    I highly recommend the services of these great guys. As their tool gives incredible results, that's obvious. I appreciated the attitude of this team for the client. We had a very humanized experience, where the money wasn't the first priority of our collaboration but customer satisfaction! Flexibility and promptness to any of my questions. I highly recommend!

  • Andrey Kaminskiy

    The team behind the agency is doing an amazing job by consulting about how to grow the conversion rate and managing our Amazon Advertising campaigns. Their support team is incredibly responsible all day long. Highly recommend!

  • Shtefan Vasilenyuk

    I am very satisfied with the work of these guys, they are the best of the PPC!

  • MyNewLands Brand

    Working with Profit Whales is pure value. They added me over 3,000 in Ad sales on the next day. I love that Profit Whales focusing on all types of advertising like Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, and Sponsored Products. Highly recommended for those who are looking to double or even triple their business with Amazon Advertising.

Take a Deep Dive

Big Data, market researches, niches' analysis, real business cases' discussion, interviews, many guides and tips would help to understand industry better as well as to enhance your brand development

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