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As an Amazon DSP agency, we offer a cost-effective way to reach your potential audience and retain them with targeted, geo-specific, and interactive ads

We are one of Amazon's
TOP-50 Advertising Partners

As an Advanced Amazon Ads partner, we have early access to select beta programs and new product releases like the Demand-Side Platform. We learn best practices directly from Amazon representatives and are authorized to provide DSP Ad services.

Reach new and existing audiences on and off Amazon

DSP is Amazon’s “big league” of advertising and includes websites, social platforms, apps, and online video channels. Amazon DSP Ad Services allow us to increase brand awareness for our clients and re-engage with customers beyond the marketplace.

And there is a reason why we can be called an Amazon DSP agency – we leverage in-depth reporting and thousands of customer segments, especially remarketing, which allows us to reach customers who have viewed your product listing but not yet made a purchase.

Our action roadmap to increase your sales

We customize the roadmap and team line-up for each client
to best address their specific needs



We start by analyzing the existing performance of our clients in the Amazon marketplace. This helps us define what works well and identify areas for improvement. Next, our PPC and DSP teams and analysts identify key ad metrics, keyword rankings, ad structure, market trends, competitors, and more.



There is no single best strategy for all brands, so we craft a unique and customized approach and roadmap catered to your specific business needs, taking into account Amazon DSP exclusive audiences and targeting parameters such as behavior, lifestyle, device, similarity, and different types of remarketing targeting.



Our PPC & DSP teams deploy the developed advertising strategy, set up ad campaigns, monitor results, optimize them, and invent and test hypotheses. Our focus is not on short-term profit for sellers (spend on advertising = receive sales), but rather on helping our clients to achieve ambitious long-term goals and improve organic results.



We ensure that your dedicated project manager keeps everyone on the team connected and working towards your goals. With efficient 24/7 support and communication, we are able to deliver successful end results quickly. All your questions are answered immediately and you have nothing to worry about.



Our analysts work to better understand your ad performance and adjust your roadmap in real-time, if necessary. We provide niche and market analysis, competitor analysis in addition to weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports, and forecasts that help you to understand the performance of your campaigns.



Client growth is our main focus. We actively seek hidden gems and new opportunities for brand development. After analyzing the data, we understand what the next point on your brand’s path to success should be, whether it’s new ad channels, working with your creatives or positioning.

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Amazon DSP is only one part of the puzzle

DSP ad results are one of the primary sources of exclusive insights about shopping signals, customer behavior, and audience segmentation. Having in-depth knowledge and information about brand customers, based on performance reporting, allows us to create a more effective marketing strategy and optimize ad campaigns that drive external traffic to your Amazon listings.

We build synergy around all the ad platforms to reach brands' goals

Profit Whales believes that brands need a cross-channel strategy to create a clear marketing roadmap and acquire clients across the most convertible channels over all points of the customer journey.


Analysis of the advertising history of a business, the accumulation of vital data, monitoring market trends, testing, tracking results, and timely optimization allow us to achieve the goals of our clients.

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