We know what metrics are important for Amazon brands and how to improve them together

Our own experience of selling on Amazon helped us understand that you need a method to reach the masses to build a real brand. Using the best marketing and advertising practices brings revenue into the business and grows brand awareness. And you have a chance to re-invest the money.

How we got here

  • 2016
    SEPTEMBER, 2016

    Our founders launch their first product on Amazon

  • 2018
    MARCH, 2018

    We developed and launched our unique PPC structure

  • 2019
    DECEMBER, 2019

    We released our own software solution

  • 2020
    APRIL, 2020

    We change the model to merge human and AI decisions

  • DECEMBER, 2020

    We were ranked among TOP 100 the most important companies in the e-commerce field by Market Pulse

  • 2021
    JANUARY, 2021

    We added external traffic and creatives to our services

  • 2022

    We will relaunch our software - wait for it!

Profit Whales is a Full-Service Marketing Agency for Amazon Brands

We help brands use marketing budgets and increase conversion rates efficiently. Nowadays everything is about content. Your brand should bring value and you should be eager to find your audience. The right way is A/B testing. Test and track new marketing channels, improve your creatives, and build your brand. That is why we are relevant to the fast growing brands.

full service
  • Convertible traffic

    We measure the true impact of your advertising spend across multiple channels and try to find the best CPA for each of your products.

  • Innovations and automations

    We have our own unique and time-tested Amazon PPC campaign structure to achieve a competitive edge, as well as software for improving the creation of advertising campaigns, their optimization and analytics.

  • Full done-for-you ads management

    We support brands across a multitude of product categories to help their owners invest the time in scaling business without building a seperate team and managing it.