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Amazon Market Analysis

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  • 01 Strategic Lexicon & Brand DNA

    1.1. Analysis description

    We demystify Amazon's landscape using precise terminology, unlocking rapid insights with proprietary shortcuts, and crafting strategic foundations through a comprehensive methodology.

    1.2. Brand description

    We meticulously assess the main values of your brand and how it resonates with purchaser expectations. This step involves a deep dive into your brand's essence—identifying its core values, unique selling proposition, and alignment with customer aspirations. This understanding enables us to tailor strategies that enhance your brand's visibility and appeal on Amazon, ensuring a perfect fit within the market's dynamics and consumer demands.

  • 02 Vision & Vulnerability Scan

    2.1. SWOT Analysis

    We dissect the main features of your selected market, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Armed with this knowledge, we craft strategies that leverage your brand's strengths, mitigate risks, and seize growth opportunities on Amazon, ensuring a strategic advantage in your target marketplace.

  • 03 Market Mastery: Global Insights & Niche Trends

    3.1. Global marketing for the main products

    We examine the situation within the global niche of your selected products, offering a macro view of trends, insights, and the overarching market dynamics. This phase explores how your products fit within the international arena, identifying emerging trends, consumer behaviours, and market demands. By understanding the global context, we help you navigate the global opportunities, ensuring your Amazon strategy is globally competitive.

  • 04 360° Product & Market Intelligence Report

    4.1. Product 1

    Here, we identify key advantages and potential drawbacks, providing a balanced perspective on each product's market viability and competitive stance. By thoroughly understanding both the strengths and weaknesses, we can strategize effectively to enhance product positioning, optimize listings, and drive better performance on Amazon.

    4.1.1. Nieche analysis Amazon

    We delve deep into the specifics of your Amazon niche, examining traffic, trends, brands, products, revenue, search volume, and more. By analyzing these key metrics, we uncover the nuances of consumer demand and competitive positioning, enabling us to craft strategies that align your products with current trends and consumer behaviours, optimize your visibility, and maximize revenue potential in your targeted niche.

    4.1.2. Economic assetments

    Our team conducts a thorough analysis of the average COGS, Amazon fees, sale prices, and the distinctions between 1P and 3P sellers within your niche. This financial scrutiny allows us to paint a clear picture of the economic landscape, identifying profit margins, operational costs, and pricing strategies that can enhance your brand's profitability on Amazon.

    4.1.3. KW Analysis (ad check) + sales share for main KW

    We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your primary keywords, including bestseller, keyword analysis and main keyword analysis, along with assessing CPC, sales share attributed to these keywords, and potential ranking opportunities. By analyzing how your main keywords contribute to sales and visibility, we can refine your approach to boost your ranking, maximize your sales share, and capitalize on untapped opportunities within Amazon.

    4.1.4. Creative check

    Our experts meticulously review your brand's creative assets across Amazon, including the listing gallery, brand story, A+ Content (or Premium A++ Content), video material, Amazon Store, and, where applicable, Amazon PPC creatives. By evaluating the visual and written content, we identify areas for enhancement, ensuring that your listings capture attention, communicate unique value propositions effectively, and encourage purchasing decisions.

    4.1.5. SEO

    We focus on enhancing your product's visibility and searchability on Amazon through several key strategies. This includes the creation of a robust Semantic Core, crafting guidelines for optimal keyword distribution within your listing (including the title, bullet points, A+ Content, and search terms), and conducting thorough checks of search volume and trends for seed keywords. Additionally, we undertake a comprehensive competitor analysis to understand their SEO strategies and identify opportunities for differentiation and improvement.

  • 05 Path to Amazon Prominence: Brand Roadmap Essentials

    5.1. Brand roadmap example (template)

    We provide a concise guide, which is an essential blueprint designed to assist you in crafting a strategic pathway for establishing and growing your brand on the Amazon platform. It encompasses a step-by-step approach, starting from foundational brand elements and core values, to leveraging Amazon's vast ecosystem for visibility and sales. The guide includes practical tips on optimizing listings, engaging with customers, and employing effective SEO and advertising tactics.

  • 06 Strategic Insights & Expert Guidance

    6.1. Conclusions and tips

    We distil our comprehensive analysis into general conclusions and personalized tips tailored specifically to your brand. This culmination of our research and insights provides a strategic overview of the opportunities and challenges identified throughout the analysis, along with actionable recommendations designed to enhance your brand's performance on Amazon.

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