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Most of our clients say the Amazon PPC audit, which ends with a 2-hour call, is insightful and changes the way their business operates.
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No more false starts and lost opportunities

Amazon’s ever-changing landscape means that new strategies must be introduced to stay competitive. We help identify areas worth your time and money. Your Amazon business will be thoroughly reviewed by our PPC experts, analysts, and marketing team. You’ll be able to see the complete roadmap and make changes accordingly, then leverage these changes to increase your Amazon sales.


Our Amazon PPC audit and niche analysis are aimed at increasing sales by improving the market perception of your brand and potentially improving your customer journey.

We will closely analyze
these sectors of your

  • Utilize the data to increase sales! We love this rule, so we start with analyzing your main Amazon account metrics.
  • We focus on your product pricing, customer satisfaction (reviews, rating), product ranking, brand analytics reports, ranked keywords, competitors, etc. As a result, we present an assessment of your account and recommendations for its improvement.
  • As a marketing agency whose main focus is Amazon advertising, we pay special attention to this and consider it one of the most important success factors on Amazon.
  • We review your Amazon PPC and DSP campaigns structure, qualitative and quantitative data, external traffic strategy (social media ads, Google Ads, SMM, PR, etc), overspending across the account, brand identity, website performance, and more.
  • With our Amazon ads audit brands learn how advertising strategies on and off Amazon impact conversion, sales, and brand awareness.
  • Knowledge of market fluctuations through data analysis allows us to push our clients one step ahead of the competition. We determine the final prospects depending on the market situation and niche.
  • We provide our clients with a report outlining their account’s current situation, strengths, and weaknesses, and an effective strategy to reach the top.

Get started on building
your own way to the top!

Our action roadmap to increase your sales

We customize the roadmap and team line-up for each client
to best address their specific needs


Account Access

We start by accessing your Amazon account. Amazon has a wide range of data and reports. We take full advantage of this data to provide a comprehensive review of your Amazon brand and a candid, fair conclusion.


In-Depth Analysis

Our audit experts conduct deep analysis through the brand audit. We generate insights into the brand’s strengths and weaknesses and customer expectations. We use these insights to identify opportunities 
to reach better results. Our analytical approach helps companies find 
a clear path toward success.


Growth Strategy Call

We systematically discuss the Amazon PPC audit results point by point with our clients. After choosing the preferred direction, we help clients take the first step, answer all questions, and provide clear recommendations.



After their Amazon PPC audit, we support brands in implementing the intended strategy, provide discounts for our services, and help them achieve better results. We have a high degree of confidence in the advice we offer and always go the extra mile to ensure our clients get the most out of their investment.

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