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To reach great heights on the biggest e-сommerce platform in the world you need to ensure that the business structure you rely on is like a strong facade. Meaning it can’t be destroyed because of small cracks that will appear from time to time.

The structure of Amazon business consists of co-dependent links, and each of them works great as long as the others function perfectly. To be able to control your advertising, accounting, shipping, and eventually exit the business profitably, you have an opportunity to learn from the experts who manage thousands of brands in their areas. They are ready to share their insights for 2022!

Tuesday, Feb 15th @ 11AM PT / 2PM ET

What topics will be covered:

Advertising ecosystem as the path to Amazon brands’ success

  • Cross-channel advertising
  • Brands development with the help of ads on and off Amazon
  • Powerful ad campaigns’ structures

Keeping up with Legislation: French Import VAT Scheme, EPR & the continuing impact of Brexit

  • Import VAT reverse charge in France
  • Extended Producer Responsibility legislation
  • Post-BREXIT e-commerce changes

How to Avoid International Shipping Issues and Logistics Predictions for 2022

  • Logistic expectations for 2022
  • Ways to manage international shipping
  • International Shipping Tips

What conditions to look for when exiting and how to plan an exit strategy

  • The state of Market and Amazon
  • Exit strategy for Amazon brands
  • Requirements for profitable FBA exit

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FBA Amazon webinar

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