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15 Best eCommerce News Sites for Amazon Sellers

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Victoria Melnychuk on Jan 28, 2022 in Top Lists

best ecommerce news sites


eCommerce sellers know that lowering prices and advertising their products are no longer sufficient to stay in the field. To maintain your competitive edge and stay ahead of the curve, you must keep in mind the need to be both innovative and productive and follow the latest eCommerce and business trends.

We’ve created a list of the best eCommerce news sites media every seller should keep an eye on. Find out what’s new and exciting in the world of eCommerce!


Best eCommerce News Sites and Sources

There’s now no shortage of online sources for eCommerce news. In fact, there are so many of them, it can be hard to pick the right one for you. We’ve done our research to help you narrow your focus. If you are in the eCommerce field and want to remain up to date on news, marketing trends, industry events, and more – we’ve got the best sources for you to follow.



Entrepreneur Website Screenshot


For e-Commerce companies, the most challenging part of their business is keeping up with all of the changes in the industry. Entrepreneur covers all you need to know. It offers the latest eCommerce news about sales, industry buzzwords, and experts sharing their opinion and piece of advice. Additionally, it has a library of videos and podcasts for more entertaining and convenient perception.

Its main purpose is providing advice, helpful insights, and guides to seasoned and new entrepreneurs and business owners around the globe.


Retail Dive

Retail Drive's Main Page


Retail Dive is committed to providing the fastest, most digestible, and concise overview of the current state of retail in just sixty seconds. The editorial team of this media analyzes the top stories with in-depth and original view angles and provides relevant topics that are timely and important to the retail scene.

Daily news, expert opinions, and market trends are collected and reported by Retail Dive. It is a good source for information on giants like Walmart, Amazon, Lululemon, and many more.


Total Retail

total retail website screenshot


Reliable advice and the most up-to-date retail news and analysis come through the pages of Total Retail. Total Retail aims to deliver retail leaders with the knowledge they require to accomplish their jobs most effectively.

The source offers daily newsletters, research reports, podcasts and other vital information. By delivering fantastic content, Total Retail has found the way to build community within the retail market. They hold face-to-face events throughout the year, during which retailers can connect, communicate and help each other in achieving their business goals.



ChanneIX Website


ChannelX is a leader in providing eCommerce news, tips and advice for all companies and businesses who sell online, regardless of their experience, and who wish to increase their sales and strengthen brand position. Articles, ebooks, webinars and events – ChannelX has everything you need to know to make your business thrive.

In the beginning, ChannelX was set up primarily to provide eBay users a way to engage in the marketplace and make it seem comprehensible as they’ve progressed. It has since evolved to serve sellers and brands that operate on giant marketplaces like Amazon. 


Retail TouchPoints

Retail TouchPoints' Main Page


Retail Touchpoints offers you the latest eCommerce news, trends, and best practices with a focus on shopper experience, digital marketing and retail novelties. Newsletters, reports, podcasts, and other valuable info can be found on their website. 

Retailers can conduct research by exploring the insights and tactics that RTP has uncovered in a variety of articles and reports to help them create a winning strategy. With its wide variety of content, it leads the retail companies and online sellers to long-term success.



Techcrunch Website Mainpage


The media publishes founder-focused news and reports. Here you can find info about e-Commerce brands aggregators, “orchestration” platforms for payment processing and routing, logistics provider, etc.

TechCrunch was founded back in 2005 posting mostly about technologies. Now it provides groundbreaking tech news, expert opinions, and analysis. TechCrunch is your best guide to everything from publicly traded tech companies to new startups.



Adweek website screenshot


News, insight, and advertising – Adweek provides the information brands need to succeed in today’s complex advertising ecosystem. Established in 1979, and acquired by Shamrock Capital in 2020, Adweek stands out with having won a number of awards over the years.

As an industry beacon and resource for advertisers, Adweek is a yardstick for leaders and decision-makers within the advertising and marketing professionals. It offers printed and digital publications, holds events, podcasts, etc.


Marketplace Pulse

Marketplace pulse website screenshot


Marketplace Pulse is an analytics firm that helps businesses learn and grow in the eCommerce market through data-driven experiences. The media captures eCommerce data on Amazon, eBay, Wish, and Etsy, and others.

Their own software analyzes data from web scraping and APIs to retrieve important info about brands, products, and merchants. For instance, the source maintains a present-day data sets of millions of Amazon sellers.


Practical eCommerce

Practical ecommerce website screenshot


This media strives to provide practical information and guidance to aid eCommerce companies. They offer innovative and maverick analytics covering advertising, design, payments, etc. 

Practical eCommerce aims to help eCommerce sellers improve their online businesses. They are achieving it with the help of expert articles, commentaries, reports and podcasts.


Small Business Trends

Small business trends website screenshot


The award-winning online publication Small Biz Trends was created specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs, who are always interested in knowing the latest business news. Along with ongoing editorial staff, the site employs over 400 trusted experts who share their knowledge, ideas, successes and failures.

The main goal of their blog is the advice, guidance, and answers to the most challenging questions, as well as practical content. The media has evolved into a community of engaged business owners who are learning from each other.


Fast Company

Fast Company's Main Page


Fast Company is one of the world’s leading brands in the realm of business media with a focus on technological innovation, enterprise, progressive ideas, creativity, and design. It does not just give its audience a look at the world of business, it pushes readers to think big, lead purposefully, adapt to changes, and influence the business world.

It was established back in 1995 by former Harvard Business Review editors. The sole purpose of Fast Company magazine was to write about changing companies, their way of creating and competing, to reflect on innovative business practices, and how they’ve been modifying.


Market Watch

Market Watch's Main Page


This media provides the freshest news in the world of business, financial market data. Breaking news, videos, stock prices, and other valuable info for businessmen is provided by the Market Watch. Basically, this media is money-focused: it offers the latest changes in the value of money and their consequences for your business. 

MarketWatch has quite an interesting history. It was born out of rebellion: in 1997, the burning question was why market data, news and real-time analysis were only accessible by the selected ones. Now, more than 20 years later, the democratization of financial data still remains the chief philosophy of MarketWatch.


The Street

The street website screenshot


The Street belongs to Arena Group that unites leading brands and provides exhaustive info on them. Its team consists of award-winning writers covering industries such as sports, finance, lifestyle, and more. They offer compelling experiences for businessmen and their partners: targeted solutions for marketers and best practices for consumers.

For e-Commerce sellers that operate on Amazon, it will be of particular interest. The media has a separate webpage devoted to the latest Amazon news and practical advice from experts in the industry.


Industry Week

Industry Week's Main Page


Industry week is a media that offers manufacturing business leaders news and insights on the latest strategies, trends, and technologies to build more successful companies. It’s a vital source of information for the decision-makers and influencers of the 4th Industrial Revolution. IW not only reveals and estimates new technologies redefining best practices are reshaping manufacturing firms but also shares them to help other businesses across the industry make the most of these changing resources.

While it does focus on manufacturing news, it has separate sections on the webpage covering the economy and supply chain, which is especially important to online sellers nowadays (due to pandemic, logistic issues have forced many businesses to optimize their operations and suffer losses).



Forbes website screenshot


And last but not least – Forbes. This news source is one of the most significant and popular media in the world. Established in 1917, it offers expert articles, success and failure stories, financial reports, fresh ideas and investment advice. Forbes has access to company executives, politicians, and opinion leaders and is privy to the most critical information that is being deemed as the most important.

It’s a vital source of information for eCommerce sellers as well. There’s a separate section on Forbes website devoted to topics on retail. It has everything a business owner needs: from the state of the market to trends and predictions for the future.


Final Word

eCommerce is a massive industry, and the opportunities are endless. From traditional brick-and-mortar stores to the latest and greatest eCommerce platform, there will always be room to grow. As with any market in general, there will always be new competitors, new trends, and new ways to succeed in eCommerce.

To stay on top, you need to always be in the know.

If you’re looking for the best resource for keeping up with the world of e-commerce, congratulations, you’ve found it! We provide entrepreneurs with tips and tricks, informative articles, experts’ comments, videos, essential updates and e-commerce news on the Profit Whales blog.  It takes just 5 sec to sign up for our newsletter to be clued up!

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