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Amazon Approval Needed: A Seller’s Guide to Compliance & Confirmation

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Profit Whales Team on May 16, 2024 in Uncategorized

Selling on Amazon offers access to a global marketplace, but the journey to open your virtual storefront may involve navigating approval requirements. Here’s what you need to know to secure Amazon’s consent and start selling successfully.

Understanding the “Amazon Approval Needed” Message:

Encountering this message means Amazon needs more information or compliance with specific regulations. This typically relates to:

  • Large or hazardous items: These require special handling, storage, and shipping, ensuring safety and streamlined customer experiences.
  • Used goods: These items must meet Amazon’s quality standards, categorized into four conditions: Used – Like New, Very Good, Good, and Acceptable.
  • Restricted categories: Items like dietary supplements, beauty products, and electronics fall under stricter scrutiny to prevent counterfeits and uphold standards.

Navigating Restricted Categories and Products:

  • Approval: Sellers must provide documentation such as invoices, certifications, or safety testing results. This ensures safe and authentic products.
  • Amazon’s restricted lists: Two lists, one for categories and one for products, include items like alcohol, electronics, medical devices, and more. Familiarize yourself with both to avoid issues.

Approval Process:

  1. Request Approval: Go to Seller Central, select inventory, and click ‘Add a Product.’ Find your item and click ‘Listing limitations apply,’ then ‘Request Approval.’
  2. Application: Provide details like invoices or certifications for certain categories or products.
  3. Status: Check your application status by returning to ‘Add a Product’ and selecting ‘Selling application status.’

Avoiding Delays:

  • Performance: Maintain a good standing seller account by monitoring your performance metrics regularly.
  • Accuracy: Ensure product listings are accurate and detailed, aiding customer decision-making and minimizing approval delays.
  • Policies: Adhere strictly to Amazon’s guidelines to avoid complications.
  • Brand Registry: Join Amazon’s Brand Registry for additional protection and credibility.

Amazon Category Approval Services:

  • Ungating Services: Consider these, but understand they aren’t part of Amazon, offer no guarantees, and feedback is mixed.
  • DIY: Completing the application yourself is entirely feasible, offering full control and reducing reliance on third parties.

Violations and Consequences:

Violating Amazon’s category restrictions can lead to:

  • Canceled listings, limited listing privileges, or even suspension.
  • Reinstatement can be challenging, so it’s crucial to follow Amazon’s rules carefully.

Selling Without Approval:

While it’s possible to sell on Amazon without approval, restricted categories require ungating.

  • Steps: Create a professional seller account, set up a wholesale account, place initial orders in different categories, and manage invoices meticulously.
  • Application: Submit to Amazon for approval, and if denied, improve and reapply.

Why Bother with Gated Categories?

Despite the challenges, gated categories offer:

  • Unique Opportunities: Less competition and higher margins, with some sellers seeing up to 50% more profit.
  • Higher Standards: Enhanced quality builds customer trust and loyalty.
  • Niche Markets: Access to specific interests or needs, allowing for targeted sales.


Mastering Amazon’s approval process can feel daunting, but it’s essential for a trustworthy marketplace. Address approval requests efficiently, avoid delays, and consider Amazon Growth Lab services to turn challenges into opportunities for growth.

Remember, it’s about progressing with confidence and ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your customers.

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