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Amazon Brand Lift: How to Set It Up And Why is It Useful?

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Anastasiya Vyday on Feb 16, 2022 in Step by Step Guides

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For a long time, Amazon and its sellers have been concerned about the issue of improving brand awareness. Many platform users are aware of advertising importance regarding brand and product advancement, but not everyone knows how crucial advanced advertising analysis knowledge is. 

One of the latest updates is Amazon Brand Lift. To see the actual value of Amazon Brand Lift study, let’s find out what it is and how to utilize it.


What is Amazon Brand Lift?

Amazon Brand Lift is a tool available in the Amazon DSP console where advertisers can see the reports of advertising performance to learn how their campaigns interact with customers and influence their brands. 

Important to know:

  • Amazon Brand Lift is currently available only in the Beta version.
  • The tool is accessible only in the United States. 
  • To use Brand Lift, advertisers are required to have a DSP campaign at least for 30 days already. 
  • Advertisers need to have a budget of at least $50,000.
  • Amazon Brand Lift is a free tool.
  • The tool is powered by the Amazon Shopper Panel and surveys at least 1,000 participants.


Brand Lift was released in October 2021 in order to collect the data so you could understand how customers percept your brand. The lucky owners of DSP advertising can measure brand awareness, ad recall and how close customers come to completing the purchase.


How to Set Up Amazon Brand Lift?

At the beginning of your Study creation, you can already see if you are eligible for using Amazon Brand Lift. As was mentioned above, advertisers must have at least $50,000 of the ad budget. Also, they need to have at least 30 days of flight duration and 5,000,000 impressions required. 

Brand Lift Eligibility Status

Source: Amazon Ads


To set up Amazon Brand Lift, advertisers need to follow the next steps:


  • Access DSP Console to start creating a study within the confines of Amazon Brand Lift. Click on the button ‘Create study’.

Brand Lift Study creation

Source: Amazon Ads


  • On the Choose Study page click on ‘Continue’ in the Brand Lift window.

Brand Lift Study to choose

Source: Amazon Ads


  • Select ‘Choose Orders’ under ‘Orders’ and click ‘Add’ once you decide which orders to include in the Study (advertisers can include up to 10 orders in 1 Study). 

choose orders to study


Choose One or Multiple Orders

Source: Amazon Ads


  • After the Orders are chosen, click the ‘Edit’ button to add detail to your Study.

Edit your study

Source: Amazon Ads


  • Name your Study under ‘Settings’

Name your brand lift Study

Source: Amazon Ads


  • Type in brand or product name.

Enter brand or Product Name

Source: Amazon Ads


  • Enter brand or product category.

Enter Product or Brand Category

Source: Amazon Ads


  • Select the benchmark category to compare your campaign’s results within the certain norms. 

Select Benchmark Category

Source: Amazon Ads


  • In the ‘Peers’ field, write 2, 3 or 4 names of products’ or brands’ names that likely will be considered together with yours. 

Type in the 'Peers' Field

Source: Amazon Ads


  • Add 4 questions to your Study, and don’t forget to choose objectives for each of the questions (the objective of the first question is always Awareness).

Add Questions to your Study

Source: Amazon Ads


  • Submit your Amazon Brand Lift Study and wait for the approval. 

Submit Amazon Brand Lift Study

Source: Amazon Ads


There can be no changes made when your Study is already approved. Advertisers can check the status of the Study in Studies dashboard. Also, if your Study is denied, you can see why it couldn’t be approved in the same dashboard. 

Once the survey is over, you can see the result bar charts, which represent the answers to each of your questions. Each graph has two bars: the control group bar and the ones exposed to your ads―the ad-exposed group bar. 

Amazon Brand Lift Study Summary

Source: Amazon Ads


How Can Amazon Brand Lift Study Help to Elevate Your Brand and DSP Ads?

Amazon Brand Lift is an insightful and privacy-safe tool powered by Amazon Shopper Panel, an invitation-only program. The participants of this program get monthly awards because of spending their time and answering the questions of the Studies. Such a system strongly increases the chances of getting more responses and that surveys will be taken seriously.

The objectives to the questions you choose guarantee systematized responses that will be put in order. On this basis, advertisers can count the percentage of respondents who, for example, don’t know about your brand yet. The objectives you can choose are Awareness, Intent, Preference, Favorability, Attitudes, etc. 

Because of concrete measurements, brands get after the survey. Advertisers can clearly see what has to be changed in their advertising campaigns. How many respondents know about your brand already? If the percentage is low, that might mean your ads are irrelevant or not catchy enough.


You can find more latest Amazon Ads updates in this video


Final Word

Amazon Brand Lift can bring many benefits to advertisers when it’s used properly. It doesn’t always have to be intuition to serve sellers in need of improving brand awareness and learning customer behavior towards your brand. Amazon Brand Lift is a tool that can solve these issues partly. So choose questions for the survey correctly and utilize the results wisely!

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