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Amazon FBA Holiday Schedule 2022 – Key Dates for Sellers

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Ihor Dubovetskyi on Jul 14, 2022 in News

Amazon FBA Holiday Calendar


Having a coherent strategy in place to ensure you stay in stock during peak season is critical for succeeding on Amazon. However, it can be challenging to foresee, especially regarding global supply chain problems, current storage restrictions, and changes in customer behavior.

Therefore, we prepared an Amazon FBA holiday calendar that underlines the most important dates to ship your inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers. Read on to become aware of significant dates and arrange your business tasks weekly, monthly, and yearly.


When Does Amazon Peak Season 2022 Start?

Although in 2022, the Amazon Peak season started on October 1st, it will actually begin with Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday and last until the Christmas season. Therefore, you can benefit from this peak period to boost sales and raise revenue with Amazon. Remember to prepare your PPC strategy, promos, discounts, inventory, and shipment.


Amazon FBA Holidays During Q1


January: A Trailblazer in the Amazon FBA Holiday Calendar

New Year’s Day: January 1 | Martin Luther King Day: January 17

Amazon health and fitness brands should consider giving discounts on their goods to attract active buyers planning to get fit and improve their well-being.


February: A Month of Love

Super Bowl Day: February 13 | Valentine’s Day: February 14|

Consider optimizing your listings and preparing keywords associated with St. Valentine’s Day if you offer gifts. Also, if you sell sporting goods, customize your campaigns with Super Bowl.


March: The Focus Is on Women

International Women’s Day: March 8 | St. Patrick’s Day: March 17

Put on your swimwear and swimming trunks for the Spring Break! Businesses that offer travel goods, party gear, or any items that could help with a hangover should get ready to boost sales.

Amazon Holiday Calendar Q2


April: Full of Religious Holidays

April Fools’ Day: April 1 | Good Friday: April 15 | Easter Sunday: April 17

Businesses specializing in Easter goods and decorations should mark this day in their Amazon holiday calendars and catch luck this month.


May: A Month of Celebrations

Mother’s Day: May 8 | Memorial Day: May 31

If your eCommerce brand offers gifts, remember that Mother’s Day can help you increase sales. Also, May ends with a three-day Memorial Day weekend. The best-selling items are all associated with the American flag.


June: Summer Begins in Earnest

Flag Day: June 14 | Father’s Day: June 19

This festive month entails many holidays that affect customer shopping behavior. Thus, brands that sell widely used items related to Father’s Day should stockpile and ensure their ad campaigns include relevant keywords.

Amazon Important Dates in Q3


July: Barbecues and Patriotism

The Independence Day: July 4 | Prime Day: July 12-13

The date that all businesses offering American flags anticipate is Independence Day. But likewise Memorial Day, the flags will be well-selling this month too. 

This year, Prime Day will take place on July 12-13. This event lasts 48 hours and is intended for Prime members in the United States, Canada, the UK, Mexico, and others. Therefore, make sure you have prepared your competitive promotions by this date.


August: Back-to-School Season

Back-to-school for many public schools: August 16

Returning to school is a welcome date for parents, and the last weeks before it implies scary but essential shopping. If you sell school items, ensure you prepare your campaigns with the necessary keywords.


September: Prepare Your Inventory for Holiday Rush

Start of the NFL season: September 9

This month means the start of the NFL season. Therefore, Amazon businesses that offer sports gifts and products should prepare for a boost.

Q4 FBA Calendar


October: Autumn Holidays

Halloween: October 31

This month is notable for pumpkin carving, decorations, and spice lattes. However, October can be remarkable for you if you sell Halloween-related items.


November: Go-Time for Retail Sales

Thanksgiving: November 24 | Black Friday: November 25 | Cyber Monday: November 28

This month you should get ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Your inventory should be in stock, and your discount scheme must be complete. According to the Statista survey in 2022, Amazon.co.uk recorded 442 and 474 million visits in November and December, likely due to Black Friday and Cyber Monday events.


December: The Biggest Shopping Time of the Year

Christmas Eve: December 24 | Christmas: December 25 | New Year’s Eve: December 31

Here comes the most generous month for gifts. The festive season is overwhelming for many eCommerce merchants. So remember to top up your inventory, prepare discounts, and optimize your listings.


Final Word

Now it’s time to start preparing for Amazon’s important dates. Therefore, consider marking days in the Amazon FBA holiday calendar we provided.

Of course, planning is a crucial factor in succeeding in the marketplace. So please keep track of your customer behavior and their major annual purchases.

The FBA calendar is a great helper in devising a marketing strategy. Also, our team is open to help you with your marketing endeavors so feel free to fill out the contact form for our further communication.



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