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Social Media Marketing For Amazon Sellers: 5 Hot Tips

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Victoria Melnychuk on Apr 01, 2022 in Strategy

Guide to Amazon Social Media Marketing Strategy


Amazon used the many avenues available through social media to entice users to purchase products. Marketing through social platforms is a major new cost of revenue source, and Amazon sellers shouldn’t be reluctant to approach it that way.

In this article, we’ll reveal some tips on social media marketing for Amazon sellers and how sellers can leverage them.


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The Importance of Social Media Today

US Adults Who Have Made a Purchase via Select Social Media Platforms, June 2020


How can social media marketing boost sales and customer loyalty? What’s the purpose of social media for e-commerce? Being social indeed has potential for e-commerce sites. And other marketing channels, like email marketing, can give you a boost for your business. From the B2C perspective, we see social being less of an e-commerce tool and more of a community-building one.

Social media has become an integral part of life for many people and businesses. You could even say that we’re living in the golden age of social media as it has changed the way many businesses market and engage with customers. Now, it is more important than ever to stay on top of what is happening on these platforms.

The Number of Worldwide Mobile Users, Internet Users and Active Social Media Users


Social media marketing is a very important and influential means for all brands. With Facebook and Twitter being prime forms of social media marketing, it’s vital for companies to have a strategy in place in order to gain traction.


The Benefits of Social Media Marketing For Amazon Sellers

Amazon is a juggernaut of a digital marketer. It has a pervasive presence across the Internet, an easy and affordable way for people to reach a totally new audience. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are some of the most widely used and successful marketing platforms for the social media marketing for Amazon sellers

These are some of the most important benefits you’ll get if you choose to set advertising on social media platforms:

  • opportunity to increase sales and brand awareness
  • possibility to connect the brand with consumers
  • the ability to reach millions of potential customers
  • a better chance to engage and build long-term relationships
  • more social networking and teaching others about your product
  • ability to increase customer satisfaction and expand internationally
  • a direct line of communication with consumers.

Here are several reasons why a strategy for social media marketing for Amazon sellers is vital and a few tips on how to develop it.


Boost Customer Engagement at Every Level

From understanding your audience’s pain points to creating content that drives engagement, social media provides a plethora of opportunities for you to advertise your products to your customers. You can ask them directly what they like about your product and what needs to be changed. You can create amazing videos demonstrating your product in use and get your viewers on the hook by delivering meaningful content that they crave.

You should always be pushing for customer engagement on your content because it drives your lead generation, retention, and acquisition strategies. If your customer doesn’t return to your website, click on your ads, or buy from you in some way, it means you do something wrong. Create engaging content that corresponds to trends, attracts prospects, converts leads and creates customer lifetime value.


Build Cross-Platform Promotion Strategy

As marketers continue to search for new ways to reach their customers, now might be a great time to examine cross-platform promotion. Just as no single channel succeeds in delivering the right message to the right person, no single method is perfect for executing the cross-platform promotion. You need to conduct a deep analysis of your audience to design the perfect strategy.

Any cross-platform promotional strategy needs a focus and a target market. With your audience in mind, you can create perfect ads and learn consumer reaction patterns, tactics, and best practices that work for your specific product.


Take Advantage of the Amazon Prime Community

Amazon has 148.6 million Amazon Prime Members in the US alone. No wonder Amazon is a multi-channel powerhouse. Amazon’s Prime membership is becoming a popular add-on to a subscription for a variety of products, services, and more.

And it’s a way for companies to have access to this coveted group of shoppers and feel more confident with the sales. Below, you can see the review of online mentions and engagements about Amazon Prime Day.

The Review of Online Mentions and Engagements about Amazon Prime Day

Source: Talkwalker


The Amazon Prime community is an ever-expanding, increasingly diverse space, showing that this is a hot new opportunity for savvy marketers. Amazon Prime is a treasure trove of the world’s best content. It changes how people shop and how sellers sell.


Boost Sales and Increase Revenue

Facebook advertising may offer great opportunities for generating leads and bringing on sales. Social media is a predictable destination for consumers looking for quick answers. Take the time to create content that can intelligently engage people on social media. 

Make questionnaires, ask for feedback, and encourage them to talk to you about your product’s pros and cons. Customers should be encouraged to share reviews – ask the most loyal ones via email.

Social media is a powerful way to build relationships with your current and potential customers. If you doubt whether social media marketing is the way to go, think of it this way: You can’t go viral without connections, and you can’t make connections without interaction. That interaction will result in a stream of leads, opportunities, and new customers that you would only be able to capture with social media.


Social Media Marketing Strategy for Amazon Sellers

Picking the right social media marketing strategy at the outset can help you avoid marketing pitfalls and reap the most benefits. There are a lot of things to consider, including your studying your target audience, content types, and your goals.

Here are some social media marketing strategy tips to help you come up with creative ideas and figure out where to start.

  1. You need to know how and when to target your audience on social media channels if you want to be successful with your sales. Even though it’s difficult, learning how to do this will help you reach your goals, save you money – and make running your business nearly effortless. So do your research before starting ad campaigns.
  2. Provide quality content. One of the first lessons you need to remember about content is to be very clear about what your company does and does not do on a business level, and never to introduce products or speak about things you’re not 100% sure you can deliver. Platforms like Tik Tok are great for collaboration with a famous influencer and engagement of a much bigger audience.
  3. Elaborate on your content to provide as much info about the product as you can. For example, using the Amazon platform, you can share valuable discounts or reviews of your products and services in your social media posts to drive up conversion rates.
  4. Keep an eye on your traffic. While one of the ways to increase the reach of your social media content is to share it on your personal or organizational Facebook page, that page alone doesn’t bode well for traffic that gets consistently introduced to your website or other Amazon products. In order to drive traffic to your Amazon products, you need to be careful about how you share your social media content on your social media channels.


Keep Your Content Strategy Brand-Consistent Across Channels

Whether your content is ready to go public is a question of whether your strategy is planned, aligned, and cohesive across all mediums. Successful content marketing is a mix of strategic brand messaging, timely and relevant content, key customer advocacy touchpoints, and audience engagement and interaction. This presentation will explore how brand-focused content can be integrated into marketing strategy across B2B marketing channels, as well as traditional and social media.

A brand-consistent social media marketing for Amazon sellers can help your business cut across traditional marketing channels, convert more sales and increase return on content investment. Brand-consistent content can be leveraged in ways including repurposing existing assets, using SEO and social media to gain visibility, developing sponsored content, and publishing on a regular basis.

There’s a pretty simple formula to keep your Amazon social media campaigns brand-consistent across channels: a product marketing piece posted to social media has the same tone and voice as one published on your website or newsletter. That doesn’t seem like anything terribly difficult, but many companies still face a challenge when it comes to cross-channel consistency.


Convey Engaging Third-Party Content

One of the most profitable hacks in content marketing is finding endless resources in the third-party space and sharing them with your readers. Make sure that you’re getting value out of your writing by sharing another business’ best ideas and content and getting others to write or share with you. 

This way, you’ll keep your marketing machine fueled. Let’s say your content marketing goals include organic traffic and conversions as well as developing a brand ambassador program. Share content with your fans and brand ambassadors to fuel the relationship.


Create Compelling Content and Visuals

Make your content and visuals shareable on social media with the help of short videos,, how-tos, and relevant infographics. Take your content creation process to the next level with this simple strategy:


  • First and foremost, make sure your content is worth reading. 
  • Next, break up your content into bites. 
  • After breaking it down, it is important to go back and ensure that it is logically organized. 
  • Consider different types of content, mixing up the content types to improve flow and make it more engaging. 
  • Lastly, be creative with visuals.


Think of content as “information that lives” that informs an audience, engages and entertains them, and builds a sense of community. That might sound like a tall order, but many content marketers already know this is the secret to successfully creating content. The more people click on the content, the more search engines will understand the topic and the better results people will get.


Grow Your Audience on Social Media Channels

Every social media expert will tell you the same thing: You have to build a scalable, engaged audience to grow your business. Successful brands consistently drive conversions on every user touch-point. In order to achieve this, strong social media marketing strategies are key to your success because social media is where your potential customers are spending the bulk of their time. 

Social channels are now a staple for content marketing. You can strategically add niche, specific, and conversational content to your channels to expand your audience.

You’ve got a great idea. You’ve got a well-written blog post. But your reach still looks small, and your audience could be doing more to show up there? 

Well, nobody said it’s going to be easy. Attracting new audiences is all about testing various types of content, targeting audiences that might potentially be interested in your product, and measuring the results of each individual social media campaign.


Create a Content Calendar to Post Regularly

A strategy (any strategy) is nothing without accurate planning. The golden rule when it comes to creating content for your website is that you need to create regularly to attract a readership. Content marketing doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task.

In fact, it can be quite simple if you stay organized and publish on a regular basis. For this, you have to create content beforehand and plan its publication across channels.

A content marketing calendar is a simple and helpful tool that makes it easy to keep the content coming on a regular schedule. Learn to be creative and organized to produce new content that keeps your audience engaged, informs them on timely topics, and drives commercial results. Having a regular schedule will also make your blog more sustainable and will boost your readership.

Content marketing can quickly become overwhelming, unorganized, and ineffective without a regular game plan. There’s no way around it, and there’s never going to be a schedule that works perfectly, but you can manage your content with a calendar that helps you to plan ahead. 

Follow These Rules to Make Your Strategy Successful


How to Send External Traffic from Social Media to Amazon Listings

A wise entrepreneur knows that the content he creates for his website needs to be on Google, social media, and other popular websites. Social platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, make it easy to share content and increase visibility. They are often used by Amazon brands to share news and keep customers informed. But, as with every aspect of marketing, companies should be aware of their social media strategy and its effect on business.

Amazon created a powerful tool that allows sellers to view what sources lead to the most conversions for their stores. The Amazon Attribution is an advertising measurement and analytics solution that provides marketers with useful insights into marketing channels outside of Amazon. The tool is essentially a report on your best potential customers and their associated interests. With its help you can:


  • Identify which strategies outside of Amazon are assisting you in achieving your objectives.
  • Analyze details of your advertising campaign, including individual clicks, detailed page views, conversions to your inbox, Add to Carts, and sales figures with full-funnel analytics.
  • Discover opportunities for new sales channels by understanding how people are engaging with your brand through Amazon.
  • Achieve a deeper look into campaign metrics to identify success or failure with conversion metrics for your campaigns on Amazon.
  • Gather efficiency and increase ROI by ensuring that your marketing campaigns are driving value for your brand on Amazon.


Final Word

The past few years have brought solid profits and acquisitions to Amazon, even despite the global pandemic. The company is set to continue dominating the online market share with its robust digital marketing behaviors. The more awareness social media marketing for Amazon sellers drives, the best it is for its sellers. They are able to reach a bigger audience year after year.

Before you begin crafting your first content marketing strategy on social media, it is crucial that you educate yourself on best practices to ensure that you remain competitive. If you need help with that, resort to Profit Whales, and we’ll gladly help you!


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