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What Is Amazon Attribution And How Is It Used?

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Anastasia Selukova on Sep 09, 2022 in Step by Step Guides

What Is Amazon Attribution?


Amazon Attribution is a free advertising tool created by Amazon. It enables sellers to measure the effectiveness of their external advertising endeavors. In addition, Amazon Attribution provides sellers with detailed analytics and information to better understand which off-Amazon marketing channels are the most suitable for their businesses.

Using this tool, you can smoothly measure the impact and ROI of display ads, search, social media, video media, and email marketing. Leveraging this data, you will get more insights into how your clients find, research, and buy your goods on Amazon.

Read on to learn how Amazon Attribution works, the main reasons to launch external campaigns on your Amazon listings, and how to set up Amazon ad tracking tags.


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What Is Amazon Attribution?

Amazon Attribution is a new tool that can help you expand your Amazon business by enhancing your experience with the marketplace.

You can access Amazon Attribution either through the platform’s self-service console or tools already integrated with the Amazon Advertising API.

The Amazon Attribution program is an ad measurement and analytics solution that gives marketers an insight into how their off-Amazon marketing channels are performing on Amazon.


Why Is Amazon Attribution Necessary?

Amazon advertising attribution eventually enables you to attribute sales to your marketing outside of Amazon.

Therefore, when someone makes a purchase, you clearly understand how they found your product and store.

It is extensive since that data enables you to track Amazon buyers throughout the sales funnel, remove ads that do not work, optimize the ones that do, and improve your overall ad ROI.


Who Can Access Amazon Attribution?

Who Can Access Amazon Attribution?


This tool is only accessible to Vendor Central and Seller Central users in some marketplaces. Thus, the US, Canadian, French, Italian, Spanish, and German users can benefit from it.

To access Amazon Attribution, sellers should sign up with the Amazon Brand Registry and have a professional seller’s account.

Nonetheless, such location criteria can change shortly. So if you are from another location, monitor the Amazon website for updates.


How Much Does Amazon Attribution Cost?

The good news regarding Amazon Attribution is that it is currently accessible to all eligible sellers. However, this tool is still new and in beta mode, so that eCommerce owners may launch it for free. In addition, Amazon Attribution beta is a measurement solution that enables brands to track their marketing and advertising performance across different channels, which can be challenging. And Amazon Attribution links make it easy to create attribution URLs for non-Amazon ads and measure the impact of non-Amazon ads on sales.


Benefits of Leveraging Amazon Attribution

Knowing the advantages of Amazon Attribution will help you understand what makes this tool integral. So let’s further examine several key points why eligible brands should use this tool in the first place.


  • It Pinpoints the Most Valuable Marketing Channels

When you benefit from many channels outside of Amazon to advertise your goods, it is pretty tricky to calculate your ROI. Therefore, you may need many tools to manage your campaign.

Amazon Attribution lets you pinpoint the ads attracting the most traffic and giving you the highest ROI. It is how eCommerce owners clearly understand what ads are efficient and what are not. With this managed data, you can even get Amazon’s choice.

The fact that owners can discover the most cost-efficient channel through custom analytics makes it so important.


  • It Optimizes Current Campaigns

Amazon Attribution lets you understand how your target audience interacts with your items and the broader Amazon ecosystem. Once you note that one demographic is performing better than others, you can optimize your campaigns to get more traffic.


  • It Increases Sales

Some sellers may find it odd to attract external traffic to Amazon. However, this concept is becoming more and more popular and significant.

Amazon’s influence in eCommerce is growing. However, at the same time, the price of Amazon Sponsored Ads is constantly on the rise, too. Therefore, sellers are endeavoring to find an effective tool, which is why Amazon Attribution is fundamental.


What Metrics Does Amazon Attribution Allow You to Track?

As soon as your paid ads, blog posts, social media posts, emails, and others containing your ‘Attribution tags’ are up and running, you will be able to track the following actions users take while being followed by these tags, campaigns, and ASINs:

  • Amazon Detail Page views (i.e., the number of users who have moved through to your listing);
  • Add to cart;
  • Purchases.

Thus, you will clearly understand which of your marketing endeavors outside of Amazon attracts the most users to your listing, which one brings the most sales, and which one is a failure that makes you lose money.

Instead of guessing, you will clearly understand what strategies to remove and develop and what channels generate the most returns so you can focus on the winners. Besides, you will learn which of your marketing endeavors outside of Amazon are paying off with positive ROI and which ones make you run out of budget.

You will know precisely when clients are leaving your funnel, letting you test every element and improve your results.

If ads have high CTRs but do not generate many sales, it may indicate problems with their listing or pricing. And both of these issues you have to check out then.


Are There Any Limits to Amazon Attribution?

Amazon tracks attribution based on the ad platform and ad types you use.

The Sponsored Brands Attribution window for suppliers and sellers is 14 days. It means that you should complete all transactions within this timeframe. With Amazon Attribution API access, suppliers and sellers can choose 7, 14, or 30 days to complete a transaction.

For Sponsored products, it is seven days.

Nonetheless, the advertiser should be the seller of the item. Unfortunately, the marketplace will not add it to your campaign when the seller is a retailer.

Sponsored Display is similar to Sponsored Brands. However, in Sponsored Display, being a seller is not a must.


Why Should You Bring External Traffic to Your Amazon Listings?

As the level of competition between Amazon sellers and the cost of Sponsored Ads is rising, you should use the tool that can drive your target audience to your listing.

In this respect, Amazon Attribution might be an ideal solution. Generally, the more traffic you bring to your listing, the more sales you generate. However, do not rely on substantial organic traffic to purchase your goods.

Appealing to new clients can boost your sales. However, if you only hope for Amazon and believe new clients will find a way to get to your listings, this will not happen.

You must display ads for your products on several platforms off Amazon to attract new customers to your listing.

The main advantage of attracting external traffic is that it enables you to target customers directly to your Amazon storefront, which is impossible with Sponsored Ads.

Let’s further review a few more reasons to drive external traffic to your listing.


  • Boost Best Seller Rank

Your overall sales rate should rise with traffic flow as soon as you maintain a consistent and decent conversion rate on Amazon listings. The marketplace leverages the A9 algorithm to rank goods in search results.

Sales speed drives the A9 algorithm, which means the more sales you generate, the higher your products will rank in the search results.


  • Improve Keyword Rankings

Amazon, for some reason, prefers listings that direct traffic from external sources to Amazon. That is why you can optimize your keyword rankings in the marketplace if you run an external campaign that also increases your conversion rate. You may also check out Black Hat SEO to surpass your competitors.


  • Collect More Information About Your Customers

By leveraging Amazon Attribution, you can get detailed information about where and how your target audience purchases. Nonetheless, over 50% of clients go directly to Amazon to make a purchase.

To find your target audience for a strategy outside of Amazon, you need to learn how other buyers shop on Amazon, and you can discover it with Amazon Attribution. Besides, if you are into FBA, you will appreciate this plugin.


  • Make up to a 10% Referral Bonus

On July 15, 2021, Amazon claimed the start of the Brand Referral Bonus Program, under which brands can receive up to a 10% referral bonus on all sales related to external advertising.

By leveraging Amazon Attribution, Amazon will understand what sales qualify for a referral bonus, and the latter will be credited to your account two months after you make the sale. This program will allow brands to save money on referral fees and speed up the growth of their marketing endeavors outside of Amazon.

Your bonus will depend on the product category to which your items belong.


How Does Amazon Attribution Work?

If you have ever used sponsored brands or ads, you should know how much you need to monitor your ad campaigns to ensure your ads generate revenue.

In this case, you hope for analytics that Amazon provides to make bidding, optimize keywords, and decide on your overall budget.

Likewise, you need data on the performance of an ad campaign you have launched off-Amazon, such as Google, Facebook, and others.

Before, it was not easy to efficiently track campaigns outside Amazon until Amazon Attribution was launched.

This tool works in such a way that you can easily collect the following data.



Find out which advertising channels are the most efficient for attracting traffic and sales for your Amazon goods.

For example, if you launch ad campaigns on Amazon and beyond within one month and sell 200 items, you can adequately attribute 100 sales related to pay-per-click sponsored ads. Nonetheless, the origin of the remaining 100 clients will remain unknown.

With Amazon Attribution, you can see exactly where those 100 other buyers came from, including the path they took to purchase the product.



Define which audience strategies improve your campaign effectiveness to focus on external ad campaigns that work and remove the ones that do not.

Using this tool, you could make an informed decision to turn off low-performing channels and boost those driving more conversions, optimizing your campaigns for the coming months and saving yourself a great deal of money.


Plan ahead

Study the messages and images your clients respond best to, so you can devise a marketing style for your business and plan future advertising campaigns.

This tool gives all the necessary conversion metrics:

  • Click-through rate
  • Impressions
  • Detailed Page views
  • Number of purchases associated with each advertising channel
  • “Add to Carts”
  • Total sales

Apart from that, you can view all that data in downloadable reports.

Once you gather all this information, you can fully optimize your ads across multiple external channels like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email marketing.


What Amazon Attribution Features Should You Try?

If you believe Amazon Attribution is URL tracking, then you are wrong. This tool has features that help sellers collect more data about an ad campaign.

Let’s review the four key features you would like to use as a seller.


Full-Funnel Amazon Analytics

It drastically increases the number of sales funnel data. However, you are not limited to just conversion data with Amazon Attribution.

Moreover, it reveals other analytics, like who viewed your page, how buyers interact with the item, how many times they added your goods to their cars, and others.


On-Demand Amazon Conversion Metrics

With this tool, you can see the performance of a campaign in real-time. Real-time reports help you optimize your marketing campaigns faster than ever before.


Consumer Insights

It provides data on several metrics. It allows sellers to learn how customers behave when you drive them to your goods on Amazon.


Individual Tracking For Each Ad Channel

Amazon Attribution enables you to create custom tags for each marketing channel. So you can make unlimited tags and get detailed information, whether you are advertising through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, social media posts, or blog posts. Joining Amazon Attribution Facebook Ads opens up new possibilities for your marketing analysis.


How Can You Set up Amazon Attribution?

The question ‘How to set up Amazon Attribution?’ has long become common among Amazon users. However, the Amazon Attribution tool is still in beta and is only available to enrolled brands, professional third-party sellers, or vendors.

If you are among such sellers or vendors, the first step to getting started is to complete the registration form or enroll through Seller Central. Once you have set up your Attribution account, you may begin adding the items that match the campaigns you want to track.

How to Set up Amazon Attribution?


What Are Amazon Attribution Tags?

According to Amazon, Attribution tags are parameterized URLs that measure link clicks, attribute conversions, and sales of their products on Amazon.

An Attribution tag links with your product listing that Amazon can track.

You can generate this tag (or URL) in your Amazon Attribution account.

After that, you need to place this link in your ad, blog post, email, or anywhere else, just like you would a regular link, to drive prospects to your listing. And now, when someone clicks on it, Amazon can track them and let you know the range of actions they take.


How to Create an Attribution Tag?

An Attribution tag is a tracking URL that works similarly to a Facebook or Google tracking pixel. However, the tag is attached to a buyer’s entire product search journey, from when they click on your external ad to when they reach your Amazon listing, where they may or may not buy the product.

You should paste the tracking URL into your external marketing campaign. For example, if you run a Facebook ad, paste the Amazon Attribution link in the URL Parameters section. The tag will begin to generate the necessary data so that you make reasonable decisions about your ads based on customer behavior.

When you log into the Amazon Advertising console, ensure you navigate to Amazon Attribution.

How to Create an Amazon Attribution Tag?


What Are the Alternatives to Amazon Attribution?

Undoubtedly, this tool is perfect for sellers and vendors. However, as we mentioned earlier, only eligible users in specific countries can login to Amazon Attribution.

Fortunately, several Amazon Attribution alternatives provide similar services for you.


Amazon Super URL

This alternative tool is a part of the AMZ Tracker tools. It does not give a detailed view of the buyer’s journey to the seller’s store, but it dramatically improves the quality of inbound traffic and increases sales.


Amazon Associates Tracking


Amazon Associates Tracking helps you track what item the buyer purchased rather than their behavior in your store before the conversion. With this alternative tool, differentiating external traffic sources becomes easy.



This one is designed as a URL shortener and tracker for Amazon sellers. Pixelfy lets you create and track any Amazon link, including Brand, Store Front, Supreme, Canonical, and others. This particular tool can track almost anything except conversions.


How to Use Amazon Attribution with Google Ads?

You should first be logged into your Google Ads account to leverage Amazon Attribution with Google Ads. After that, click Settings and go to Account Settings > expand Auto Tagging > select Check Box. Amazon will then automatically create campaigns once the ad traffic starts coming in.


Final Word

Amazon Attribution is a sure way to track the effectiveness of external traffic on Amazon. This tool is essential if you run external marketing campaigns for your Amazon store and focus on optimizing your eCommerce store.

Apart from campaign optimization, you can also boost conversions.

Creating Attribution tags is easy. Follow our tips or contact us if you want an Amazon marketing agency to do all the work for you.


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