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How Can You Benefit from Amazon Brand Registry?

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Anastasia Selukova on Sep 27, 2022 in Step by Step Guides

What is Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 Program?


With many sellers and a constantly expanding third-party marketplace, Amazon keeps growing and improving the Brand Registry. Signing up there and managing a business is a perfect solution when building and protecting a brand on Amazon. So what is a Brand Registry on Amazon?

Amazon Brand Registry was created several years ago and is awesome to let enrolled brand owners protect their intellectual property and correctly submit it to the world’s largest marketplace.

Last year it enabled access to Seller Central, Vendor Central, and Amazon Ads. However, to get the full benefit from the Brand Registry, you must learn how to access and use its extensive features.


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What Is Amazon Brand Registry?

The Brand Registry is an internal Amazon program that provides brand owners with the tools to protect their brand and intellectual property, including trademarks. Ultimately, the program delivers the best customer experience by providing a genuine shopping experience. Amazon Brand Registry was launched in 2017 and has recently undergone several changes and versions. Gradually, Amazon has added a broad spectrum of selling benefits covered by Amazon tools.

Brand registration on Amazon may seem slightly complicated for suppliers and sellers, depending on their location. There are a few obstacles and verification steps, but unlocking these tools is worthwhile.


Why Did Amazon Launch the Brand Registry Program?

Why Did Amazon Launch the Brand Registry Program?


The Amazon Registry concept is not brand-new. It has been around for several years in various formats.

Nonetheless, in May 2017, Amazon revised the scheme to assist trademarks with listings’ protection by enabling them to access extra optimization tools.

Although the original scheme also had the same idea, Amazon fought hard against the increase in counterfeit products. And then, in March 2017, the platform announced its new initiative to help remove all counterfeit products sold on its site. Thanks to sustained efforts, the company has launched what we now call Amazon Brand Registry 2.0.


What Is Amazon Brand Registry 1.0 and its Shortcomings?

Before the Amazon Brand Registry update, it was easy for sellers to register their brands. They only had to prove ownership of their brand’s domain name and provide product images and packaging featuring the brand. The idea was for the brand registry to help sellers protect their listings and prevent copyright infringements by counterfeiters and retailers.

Nevertheless, the first version of the program failed to provide the protection vendors were seeking. Registration offered limited protection, and reporting infringements was time-consuming and slow.

For high-quality customer experience and quick product sourcing, Amazon let many sellers share the same listing. Unfortunately, dishonest sellers hijacked the listings and sold similar or fake products pretending they were original by using legal product listings. As a result, buyers purchased goods from a listing, believing it was the original brand, and received a counterfeit product.

Sometimes, shoppers did not even realize the item was fake until they tried to file a warranty claim. When they encountered poor customer service from a counterfeiter, they left negative feedback on the original listing. Those reviews negatively affected the original brand’s reputation and Amazon’s trusted status.

The seller also faced the burden of proof when reporting infringement. They had to prove that counterfeiters had infringed their branding and copyright.

Another issue with those counterfeit sellers was that it was pretty easy to create a new account and start over if they were caught.

As a seller, you are an Amazon customer too. If you doubt whether the platform can protect your brand, Amazon understands that you will leave sooner or later.

The updated Brand Registry program has made a long way toward addressing these issues and aims to improve the quality of customer experience for merchants and consumers.


How Did Amazon Improve Brand Registry 2.0?

The updated program’s version – Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 – is how Amazon shows that it focuses on people who take their brands seriously.

Here are the main improvements to the Brand Registry 2.0 so far:

  • The Amazon Brand Registry program now has its dedicated user interface and login that are separate from Seller Central Account;
  • The new interface has improved reporting tools to tackle fake products and hijacked listings;
  • Sellers can access effective latest search tools to help them find infringed products;
  • Amazon has a dedicated team that processes reported violations.


Dedicated User Interface

Amazon Brand Registry 2.0: Dedicated User Interface


The new Brand Registry has a dedicated user interface and login, separate from Seller Central. In addition, a new dashboard simplifies keeping track of your enrolled brands while providing a user-friendly interface to deal with copyright or trademark infringements.


  • Powerful Search Tools

Previously, the only way to determine brand violation was when someone managed to hijack a Buy Box from your listing or if you got a negative review from a buyer who purchased a fake product.

The new search tools let you search for brand infringement cases using:

  • Product Name
  • ASIN
  • Brand name
  • Keywords and images

These tools mean you can find potential brand infringements directly from your Brand Registry dashboard, reducing possible income loss from potential hijackers.


  • A+ Content

Formerly known as enhanced brand content, A+ content lets sellers have more control over their storefronts. For example, you can come up with better product descriptions, titles, and product images to make your product detail page surpass the competition.


  • Improved Reporting Tools

Formerly, you had to report an infringement using a form hidden deep in Amazon’s help documentation. Merchants can now report a violation from the Brand Registry dashboard, which allows them to quickly and smoothly fight counterfeit and hijacking listings.


Dedicated Team to Process Reported Violations

Before the updates, fighting off hijackers and counterfeit sellers on Amazon was something you had to handle yourself. Firstly, you had to send a takedown notice directly to the counterfeit seller or buy the fake item to register a complaint. Then, when you notified Amazon, it typically took a couple of days to remove the violating listing.

Such a confusing process led to multiple sellers complaining that Amazon did not care for its sellers. As a result, the marketplace has adopted a more proactive approach and helps sellers fight counterfeits more effectively.

Some requirements for people reporting infringement:

  • The complaint must be accompanied by an intellectual property information file from the complaining person or entity and must include: ASIN, email address, name, claimed rights, and others;
  • The applicant must provide a statement confirming that they are duly authorized to act on behalf of the aggrieved brand.

This new process is excellent news for sellers. Formerly, complaints could take days or weeks to resolve, which led to a loss in sales and damage to the reputation of a legitimate seller.


Ongoing Improvements and Updates

There are many more improvements:

  • Unique Amazon URLs for your brand;
  • Customizable product detail pages with additional features and new designs;
  • Ability to upload your videos to your product page.

Such enhancements result in better control of Amazon sellers over their brands and provide them with the necessary protections while improving the overall customer experience.


Who Can Register in the Brand Registry on Amazon?

  • Manufacturers or private label owners;
  • Distributors with licensed trademarks;
  • Retailers and people with a written permission from the brand owner or manufacturer to operate the Amazon product detail page.


Why Should You Become a Member of the Brand Registry Program?

If a brand owner or an entity is an Amazon seller and produces or sells goods under their brand, it is critical to sign up with the Amazon Brand Registry app. Not only does it protect Amazon’s registered trademarks, but it also provides consumer trust.

There are three main reasons to use a registry tool.


Product-Hijack Protection

A common fear among all brand owners is what if some random seller hijacks their product. Amazon is a highly competitive platform with a considerable seller base, so multiple people are doing their best to stay ahead.

However, Brand Registry lets you register a brand and gives you sole ownership of the ‘Amazon Buy Box.’ Consequently, even if someone tries to hijack a product, an authorized or actual seller can reach out to Amazon support to have it removed.


Complete Control Over The Product Listings

Its strict algorithm requirements often constrain the average Amazon seller. Nonetheless, with Brand Registry, the rules are loosened so that the seller has complete control over the following:

  • The product’s name;
  • Product description;
  • Product image;
  • Using Product ID instead of UPC and EAN;
  • Reducing the ‘match’ errors during the listing.


Brand’s Access As To Who Can Sell its Products

A brand can choose who can sell its goods with Amazon’s registry option. Five types of sellers qualify:

  • Vendors who sell their products under their brand;
  • Sellers who are manufacturers;
  • Sellers who own private labels;
  • Sellers who manufacture white-label products;
  • Sellers who are distributors and have the right to own branded content on Amazon.


Amazon Brand Registry Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements vary from one country to another. Here is the list:

Amazon Brand Registry Eligibility Requirements


What To Consider When Applying For Amazon’s Brand Registry

Before enrolling your brand on Amazon, here is a list of eligibility requirements. We took the following ones directly from the Brand Registry page:

  • Registered trademark;
  • Your ‘Government Registered Principal Trademark Registration’ or serial number;
  • Brand logo images;
  • Images of products and packaging with a branded trademark. If the product is not branded, you must brand the packaging;
  • List of product categories where you must specify the brand;
  • List of countries where the brand’s products are manufactured and distributed.


How To Apply For Amazon Brand Registry? (Step-By-Step Procedure)

How To Apply For Amazon Brand Registry?


To get started, you should create an Amazon Seller Central account. When done, go to the official Brand Registry Portal and do the following.


Step 1: Create A Registry Account

To register and verify a Brand Registry account, you must do the following:

  • Provide legal/corporate information;
  • Verify identity via text/SMS;
  • Accept its terms, policies, and conditions;
  • Click on the ‘Save’ button.


Step 2: Register a Brand

Once you complete the account verification, the next step is registering a brand on Amazon. It includes four main criteria:

  • Brand Eligibility. This page lists the brand name and the number of brand names that must be registered in the registry. When you fill in all the details, click the ‘Next’ button.
  • Intellectual Property. The brand selects the trademark type, name, registration number, and authority on this page. When you fill in all the details, click the ‘Next’ button.
  • Identification. This page uploads product images, brand logos, packaging images, and online presence information. When you fill in all the details, click the ‘Next’ button.
  • Characteristics. This page contains additional information about the brand. When you fill in all the details, click the ‘Submit Application’ button.


Amazon IP Accelerator

Amazon IP Accelerator might be an excellent solution if you are interested in the Brand Registry but do not have a registered trademark. IP Accelerator connects brands with Amazon-verified IP law firms that offer trademark registration services at affordable pre-negotiated prices.


Step 3: Verification From Amazon

After successful application submission, Amazon verifies all the information. It takes two to ten days to complete and activate the brand registry. At this point, Amazon sends a code to the registered trademark office.

  • As soon as the seller receives the code, they should log into their Amazon Seller Central account, enter the appropriate Case ID from the original email, and click the ‘Go’ button.
  • Click the ‘Respond’ or ‘View’ button, and select ‘Reply.’ Paste the code and click ‘Send.’

After completing the above steps and successfully entering the code, the Amazon brand registration process is finalized within 1-2 business days.


What Are the Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry benefits business owners by giving them control over their products sold on Amazon.


Gain complete protection of your product listings

With Amazon Brand Registry, you get the full protection of your product listings. It means you control how your product information is displayed on the platform and how you want to promote your products. Simply put, you can be sure that all information about your brand is in good hands.


Boost sales and drive more conversions

So what happens if Amazon protects your brand data and removes any fraudulent listings associated with your brand from its platform? You will naturally see a boost in sales. When prospects enter your search terms on Amazon, they will always find your products, not counterfeit.


Better understand your shoppers with data-driven analytics

Amazon Brand Registry’s advanced analytics feature gives you access to data about consumer search and the buying behavior of your target customers. You will instantly determine which products work best with your audience, what search terms your audience seeks most often, and key demographics.


Deliver a better shopping experience for your buyers

With Amazon Brand Registry, you can improve your online store and find better ways to attract buyers at once. In addition, you will have all the tools to make your Amazon store surpass the competition.


Improve your brand’s value

If you are considering buying a private label FBA business, you will have peace of mind knowing that brand registration will protect your new business from counterfeiters and copycats. In addition, if you are already a seller, brand registration can add value to your business if you plan to exit.


Increase control over product detail pages

When you use Amazon Brand Registry, you control your product detail pages on Amazon. So when buyers view a product listing, they also see only your content, not third-party seller content.

Luckily, the benefit of the Amazon Brand Registry is that you do not have to worry about another person damaging your reputation on Amazon because you are in complete control of your branding efforts.


List items with different product identifications outside of UPC and EAN codes

Generally, sellers use a standard product ID, also known as GTIN (Global Trade Item Number), such as a UPC, ISBN, or EAN to create new product detail pages. However, some products do not have a GTIN. If your product is already listed on Amazon, you can list your offer on the existing product detail page, and no need to provide a GTIN.


Provide premium seller support

You will receive superior Amazon Brand Registry support if you see any fraudulent activity related to your brand and goods. It will process all your complaints smoothly and effectively.

The platform has a dedicated team that reports fraudulent activity and fake goods. In addition, if you are a member of the Brand Registry program, Amazon will resolve all your complaints shortly.


Access predictive automation based on ML algorithms

With Brand Registry, you can access cutting-edge technologies, including ML models, which help detect and stop listing fraud.


Access tools and programs

In addition, registered Amazon sellers can access extra helpful tools and programs:


A+ Content

Enhanced Brand Content (A+ Content) enables listing customization.


Amazon Stores Builder

It helps you create and maintain a custom, structured page to showcase all your products on a single storefront.


Sponsored Brands Ads

They help brand owners access cutting-edge marketing and advertising tools.


Amazon Live Creator

Sellers use it to live chat with prospects to answer any questions.


Amazon Vine Program

It invites the most trusted Amazon buyers to give product feedback, thereby driving new customers by providing honest and unbiased reviews.


Virtual Bundles Tool

It lets brand owners create special ‘bundles’ of several complementary products bought on one detail page.

Amazon Attribution tool

It provides social media, display ads, PPC analytics, and email marketing data.


Transparency program

It allows you to control who sells your product.


Project Zero program

It lets you blacklist users who have violated the terms of service after the infringement is verified.


Amazon Posts

It is an Amazon feed similar to a social network where brands from the Brand Registry can post. If you already have an Instagram or Facebook account, you can easily repurpose content on Amazon and use this feature to increase your sales.


The brand dashboard

When you sign up as a brand owner, Amazon gives you access to additional information and analytics that you can use to tailor your strategy and grow your sales. The brand dashboard will also give you traffic and conversion recommendations, help you with product optimizer, and provide you with a quick overview of your customer feedback.


Final Word

Stores on Amazon can benefit significantly from registering with the Brand Registry program. From better brand protection to endless ways to engage customers, you will have everything you need to drive sales and brand awareness.

It all comes down to creating the best brand experience. With all the tools at your disposal, you will be one step closer to reaching full potential on Amazon and standing out among competitors.

If you want to learn more about how to improve brand engagement on Amazon, we can help. Countless Amazon stores have increased their sales and improved their search results thanks to our experience. Contact us to learn more about our Amazon services.


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