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Geo Ranking on Amazon

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Profit Whales Team on Sep 15, 2020 in News

“Amazon in 2022 is not the Amazon of 2013. These days things are getting harder, sellers are crafting new ways to conquer the algorithm and achieve the success”

– Ihor Dubovetskyi, CEO at Profit Whales


Seller’s prosperity on Amazon depends on the ranking. For the launch and scale phase of the business, sellers can use Amazon PPC ads, however, Cost-Per-Click has increased in the past years and it gets harder to rely only on PPC. 

PPC advertising task is to support and boost sales, but first, it is necessary to improve organic ranking.  

Unfortunately, there are only a few niches with low competition on Amazon, that is why it is essential to refine the following points and rank higher:


At the end of summer 2019, Amazon switched from A9 to the A10 algorithm. One of the biggest innovations was the GEO ranking – a factor that affects product ranking based on the customer’s location. 

It means that you need to go deeper into your product research phase and even target specific US states. 

Amazon does not work on an elementary level “order inventory – sell successfully”, the algorithm is functioning in a much more complex way that includes all the parts mentioned above.


“It takes at least 3 months to get first reviews, eligible ranking, etc.”

– Oleksandr Nyezhnyk, Co-founder of Profit Whales


Amazon A10 Algorithm Tricks

As was mentioned before, the Amazon algorithm works as a complex and includes several points that sellers consider and constantly improve. Next tricks can make this process easier and increase chances for a higher ranking:

  • Redirecting links 

Sellers can use redirect links from domains with authority for driving more relevant traffic to the product listing on Amazon. For example, potential customers watch a YouTube video, see a redirect link to the Amazon listing and click on it. Amazon respects traffic from high authority domains like YouTube and Pinterest.

Conducting the same experiment with other websites can bring different results that sellers can compare and use the best ones in the future. 

  • More inventory than usually 

More inventory can guarantee more sales because the product will be closer to the customer´s shipping location. Amazon encourages such a thoughtful step, the reason is that the platform can save a lot of money on shipping. 

This is also very good for the environment as it reduces pollution from multiple trips.

  • More sales in the states with a lot of inventory

Increasing sales in the states where is a lot of inventory and using external marketing for certain regions is called GEO ranking. The trick here is simple: more sales bring higher ranking. When sellers rank higher competitors´ products are ranking lower. 

The regional ranking is affected by factors that are rarely discussed. These two factors are shipping speed and inventory availability. Geo-rank is also affected by many others such as local product-market fit and regional audience fit.


Additional Info About Geo Ranking 

  • Inventory level

Sending more inventory can prevent stockouts and stolen sales by competitors when regional inventory drops. 

It is recommended to use the Amazon fulfillment report to see where and how much inventory there is. Sellers can find it like this: Seller Central -> Reports -> Inventory -> Fulfillment -> Daily Inventory History. 

  • Product listing

Product listing adaptation to the regional distinctions, psychology, and behavior of the customers can help to rank higher as well. This way talking to a certain narrow audience brings better results than the use of the same general information in every region. 

  • On Amazon marketing

Sellers can use Amazon DSP ads to target different locations in the US. This one is an on-Amazon platform for off-Amazon strategy.

  • Off Amazon marketing

This type of marketing consists of targeting specific states when sellers are launching Facebook and Google Ads.

It is more profitable to target the lowest-ranked states or the highest-ranked states, but not all of them.

The highest-ranking in some U.S. states doesn’t mean ranking #1 in all of them.


To sum up, Geo Ranking is an innovation that came together with the A10 Algorithm and can work for Amazon businesses´ improvement purposes. Like any other part of the Algorithm, it requires certain insights for profitable use.


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