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Amazon Beauty Boost: Elevating Brand Presence and Sales Performance

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Profit Whales Team on Jan 23, 2024 in Case Studies

Beauty and care brand


The report focuses on the beauty sector on Amazon, which is known for its intense competitiveness. Brands in this sector face the challenge of differentiating themselves among a plethora of products and other brands, both well-established and new entrants.



The primary goal is to assess the effectiveness of brand development strategies on Amazon. This is done by comparing sales performances across two different quarters. The evaluation considers growth driven by both organic means and advertising efforts. Essentially, it’s about understanding how well brand development tactics are working in terms of increasing sales.



Our approach faces several challenges in enhancing the brand’s presence on Amazon. First, we need to effectively implement brand-specific creatives, which requires crafting marketing content that uniquely represents the brand and resonates with the target audience. Another challenge is the utilization of external traffic sources for promotion, aiming to increase customer traffic to the brand’s Amazon listings from outside the platform. Regularly monitoring sales performance and the impact of advertising is also a significant challenge, as it involves closely tracking and analyzing how these factors influence overall sales growth. Lastly, a major challenge lies in generating a concise yet comprehensive report that provides clear insights into total sales, the percentage of sales driven by advertising, and the overall impact on brand visibility, ensuring we have a thorough understanding of the brand’s market position and progress on Amazon.



Our efforts have led to several notable achievements in the brand’s performance on Amazon. Firstly, there has been a significant increase in total sales, indicating a successful outcome from our implemented strategies. Secondly, the advertising initiatives have yielded a positive impact, evidenced by an Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) that remains within the targeted range. This reflects the efficiency and effectiveness of our advertising spend in driving sales. Lastly, we have observed enhanced brand visibility, demonstrating that our marketing and promotional efforts have successfully increased the brand’s presence and recognition among consumers on the platform. These results collectively signify a substantial advancement in the brand’s market position and success on Amazon.

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