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Boosting Sales and Market Presence for a Supplement Brand

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Profit Whales Team on Apr 29, 2024 in Case Studies

Company Description

This supplement brand, a leading player in the health and household category, offers an extensive selection of supplements known for their unique formulations that are not found anywhere else. With a mission that extends beyond sales, this brand is dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of its customers across the USA.


The primary objective was to break through the sales plateau and increase the profit margin, all while keeping advertising costs from exceeding the breakeven point. Our supplement brand aimed to not only elevate its market presence but also to ensure that its customers benefitted from its high-quality, unique health products.


Despite having a significant assortment of exclusive supplement products, the brand faced a persistent challenge:

  • Sales figures were consistently flat, showing no significant growth.
  • The product margin was stuck at an average of 15%.
  • Advertising costs were inefficient, consistently exceeding the breakeven point without corresponding increases in sales.

Strategic Approach

To address these challenges, the brand implemented a multi-faceted strategy:

  • Advertising Optimization: Leveraged the Zero to Hero (ZTH) model to refine advertising campaigns, removing duplications and thereby reducing ACoS and CPA.
  • Waste Reduction in Ad Spend: Conducted in-depth analytics to identify and eliminate non-converting keywords, significantly decreasing wasted expenditures.
  • Semantic Core Expansion: Broadened and optimized the advertising semantic core to improve sales through better targeting and placement.
  • Listing Protection and Competitor Targeting: Initiated campaigns to protect brand’s listings from competitors and aggressively marketed against competitor products.
  • Engagement through Subscribe & Save: Encouraged long-term customer engagement by promoting subscriptions and offering attractive bundles of top products.
  • Market Analysis for Strategic Pricing: Analyzed the niche market comprehensively to make informed decisions on slight price increases, enhancing profitability without losing competitive edge.
  • Ongoing Management and Market Adaptation: Maintained continuous oversight of advertising campaigns and market performance, adjusting strategies as needed.


This strategic overhaul led to remarkable improvements over a six-month period:

  • Total Sales increased by 2.5 times, reaching $1,614,512 (a 42.7% increase).
  • Ad Sales and Organic Sales saw significant uplifts of 40.7% and 45.8%, respectively.
  • Managed to control Ad Spend, with only a 5.7% increase, while significantly reducing ACoS by 24.91%.
  • The average product margin effectively doubled, significantly enhancing profitability.
  • Achieved the prestigious Best Seller badge, marking a notable achievement in market recognition and brand positioning.


This brand’s strategic initiative to revitalize its sales and market presence illustrates the effectiveness of a well-rounded marketing approach. By optimizing advertising efforts, refining pricing strategies, and enhancing customer engagement, our supplement brand successfully overcame its sales plateau, significantly improved its profitability, and solidified its market standing. This case study demonstrates the importance of adaptive strategies and continuous improvement in achieving business growth and success in competitive markets.

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