• Economic Impact of Ukraine Invasion
    The Impact of The Russia-Ukraine War on Global Trade

      As Russia persists in aggressively attacking Ukraine, economic markets have responded by declining and sinking. As a result, the world economy is currently in a fragile state and is fighting in hopes of returning to sustainable growth. This article discusses the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war on global trade and where it can take…

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    Victoria Melnychuk on Jun 17, 2022

  • Secrets of Amazon Seller Success
    What is the Secret of Success on Amazon: Experts’ Tips

      We sat down with experts in the Amazon business and talked about critical issues sellers face in today’s landscape and how they can overcome them to achieve the ultimate success. We’ve been able to learn the secrets of how Amazon sellers become successful in their businesses. Some of those techniques and insights were discussed…

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    Victoria Melnychuk on Apr 28, 2022

  • Beyond Pandemics in 2022
    Beyond Pandemics in 2022: Is the Disruption for eCommerce Over?

      2020 and 2021 can be widely characterized as market disruption years. Brexit, COVID-19, lockdowns, surged shipping costs, trade bottlenecks and structural adjustments such as the EU One Stop Shop are only but a few to mention in the myriad of the challenges e-commerce sellers had to face. This article aims to outline in short…

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    Dr Angelos Katsaris on Apr 19, 2022

  • Amazon Predictions
    Amazon Predictions 2022

      There’s plenty to get excited about when it comes to Amazon’s new tech announcements, but one thing that’s worth considering is what we can expect to see from the company in the coming year. In this article, experts from the Amazon world try to figure out what to expect from the giant in 2022.…

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    Victoria Melnychuk on Dec 23, 2021