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Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads Guide

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Alex Nyezhnyk on Sep 28, 2020 in Step by Step Guides

amazon sponsored brand ads


Not that long ago Amazon users got to know a Sponsored Brands Beta and this feature already conquered the marketplace and its customers. 

That is why the task of the article is to dive deeper into the understanding of Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads and learn what other advantageous sides of the business can be opened up with help of this type of advertising. 


The Purpose of Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads

To be completely honest, Amazon customers during their search for a certain product on Amazon rarely go further than the first page of the search result. In case the product listing does not rank that high there is a definite need for an action that will drive attention to the product, this action is Sponsored Brands Ads. 

The placement of this ad is perfect for stealing visitors and customers from other listings on the top of the result page, above all other products. 

Sponsored Brands Ads on Amazon is increasing brand awareness to the business because even if customers choose to not visit the listing, after all, the name of the brand will still be noticed. 


How Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads Looks Like

sponsored brands ads on amazon


Sponsored Brands Ads includes a brand logo or brand photo, brand description, title, and 1 – 3 chosen products. Products in the advertising presented with pictures, below pictures are placed titles, prices, product descriptions, ratings and a number of reviews.

Picked products for the ad need to be best-sellers because products with low ratings can show the business from the wrong side. 

Buyers trust other buyers, and the chances that they will visit the low-rated product’s listing are not high. 


Amazon Keyword Research

The whole process of selling on Amazon is accompanied by work with keywords.

One way to choose keywords for the Sponsored Brands Ads is to use the keywords that are performing the best for the Sponsored Products campaigns. 

But not all Amazon businesses have SP advertising, and this is not a problem. Another trick to pick well-performing and relevant keywords are to use a search bar as a tool for research. Amazon customers type in search terms in the search bar and when sellers do the same with the name of the product, they can see what additional words people use to find a product like that and even its variations.


Different Placement Options in SB Ads

Here is the first insight for those who start to use Sponsored Brands Ads on Amazon: same Brands advertising can differ depending on the keywords it shows up to. For example, the keywords that are targeted on Sponsored Brand Ads and those, which are aligned for Sponsored Products. 

The Sponsored Brand ad will be more effective if on the buyer search, which includes the name of the brand, will show up the advertising with brand logo or image, link to the store, brand messaging, product value as copy, and three products that are performing the best. 

However, on the search that products are targeting on will appear an ad with a link to a product line, three variants of the product, and creatives, photos of three products, or a video of one. 


Successful Sponsored Ad Copy

The way to know what copy should be used for a sponsored ad is to use data from the Sponsored Product ad plus a couple of important requirements: 

  • the copy should respond to the customer’s search
  • it is very important to use high-performing keywords
  • the title should clearly explain the value proposition


To conclude, it is necessary to mention that when a seller is working on Amazon Sponsored Brands ads there is always a place for an experiment. This exact type of advertising works as a tool of brand awareness development and what exact ad placement will drive more traffic to the listing is a secret that will only be revealed after testing all of them.


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