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83% of e-commerce sellers agree to the first low offer they receive and sell their businesses at the wrong time.
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Before our account management

Client’s EBITDA was valued at $2,4M and was acquired at x3.2 this amount.

Profit Whales Launch

After 12 month with Profit Whales

The EBITDA became $4,6M. The client received an offer for acquisition at x4,7 this amount and successfully sold his Amazon business!!

What we can do together

P&L auditing and analysis

Increase the value of your business

Personal confidential approach to our buyers

Build a digital strategy

Support during your exit journey

We are the partners of the fastest growing Amazon brands

Our team of experts helps diversify and scale Amazon businesses, making them more profitable.

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“E-commerce acquisition is one of the freshest and fastest-growing market sectors. Your business should be prepared for this step. We are dedicated to the development and implementation of the right strategy for your business. So, you will get an “exit” with X.”

Alex Nyezhnyk

Alex Nyezhnyk

Founder at Profit Whales

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