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Amazon’s Marketing Stream Beta

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Victoria Melnychuk on Aug 03, 2022 in News

Amazon’s Marketing Stream Beta


Amazon has just launched a beta test for their new product: Amazon Marketing Stream. This new product delivers Amazon Ads campaign metrics and insights to advertisers and their AWS accounts via push-based notifications. This is an essential and sophisticated tool designed to change the landscape of many PPC experts who use Amazon to market their client’s products.

Let’s take a more detailed look at this Amazon’s innovation.


Amazon Beta-Tests Their New Marketing Stream

So, with the help of Amazon Marketing Stream, you can obtain performance metrics regularly, accompanied by thorough resumes of everything, starting with targeting expression performance and ending with budget consumption messages. In addition, if you’re an Amazon PPC agency, you can now access campaign statistics available on Amazon Marketing Stream, giving you more data than ever.

But why is Amazon Marketing Stream anticipated to play such a significant role in the overall advertising environment?

Let’s clear this one out.


What Does Amazon Marketing Stream Bring to the Table?

Any Google Ads expert can attest that thorough reporting is the key to a successful marketing campaign. Nevertheless, reporting on Amazon is known to be somewhat limited.

Previously, Amazon marketers who desired more up-to-date analytics had to access the Amazon Ads API several times daily to obtain them. Additionally, this method increases the workload for advertisers because they must first determine how the new data relates to the previous data.

Amazon started keeping track of these API usage stats, and it soon became apparent that a solution was needed to address the clients’ issues. This is why the retail giant launched beta testing of this new tool.

Amazon Marketing Stream provides the following benefits:

  • Efficient campaign optimization: Hourly performance metrics provide a significant amount of insight into optimization on a day-to-day basis. For instance, you might want to raise bid values or ensure your campaign stays within budget during specific times of the day when your conversion rate is high. Amazon Marketing Stream delivers Sponsored Products performance metrics allowing you to use new options, such as combining expression targeting and ad placement, so that you can optimize not only for keywords but also keywords by placement.
  • Instant response to campaign changes: Advanced API users are provided with the capacity to write responsive applications through the consumption of near-real-time data, such as budget consumption. They might want to boost the campaign budget, for instance, before it expires.
  • Improved operational efficiency: The push-based delivery system improves communication and eliminates deficiencies. In addition, Amazon Marketing Stream delivers performance metrics and campaign changes almost instantly, rather than aggregating all that data over a certain period. You can also streamline complex technical operations that might involve comparing new aggregated API metrics with metrics that the integrator or advertiser previously collected and stored in their systems to understand the difference.

Check out what some significant influencers on LinkedIn have to say about this new product:

With the support of these instant performance measurements, digital retail may expand profitably faster and receive quicker feedback and optimization.


What Metrics Does Amazon Marketing Stream Deliver?

Amazon Marketing Stream allows Amazon PPC agencies to aggregate information regarding these metrics:

  • traffic and conversion events when they take place
  • near-real-time updates on the campaign and campaign-related changes (e.g., bid optimization suggestions and out-of-budget notifications)
  • all advertising data with synchronized reporting for marketing campaigns from Amazon.


Amazon Marketing Stream Use Cases

Amazon Marketing Stream already helps companies get insights into how conversion rates for specific products and subcategories vary depending on the product and the time of day. This allows companies to increase bids and budget according to intra-day match trends, such as purchase conversion rates, that are most likely to convert to sales.

Companies have been observing differences in the performance of various advertising placements by targeting expressions at different times and days. With the help of Amazon Marketing Stream, brands can now optimize for incremental growth and fine-tune their digital shelves while changing spending to ad positions in close to real-time.

Another use case is for more responsive apps to better manage budgets and/or notify when ASINs become ineligible for advertising. In addition, push notifications can assist with timely communication and action to approve bid recommendations and budget notifications.


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