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Latest Amazon News — January 2022

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Anastasiya Vyday on Feb 10, 2022 in News

January Amazon news


Profit Whales is glad to present the first Amazon News Digest in 2022! January had many exciting events, but in our opinion, it’s important to start with a significant announcement of February. Amazon users were waiting for the whole previous year, and it will undoubtedly influence the current year!


Amazon Full Year and Q4 Results

At the beginning of February, Amazon published full year and Q4 growth results. The North American Amazon earnings increased 18.4% in 2021 compared to 2020. However, if this total didn’t meet the expectations of eCommerce experts, the overall Amazon advertising revenue outbroke by 32% growth over 2020. Thanks to this revenue, Amazon became the third-largest digital advertising platform in North America.

Amazon Advertising Revenue graph

The data provided by Amazon.com.


Email Campaigns on Seller Central

There are more and more opportunities to improve customer engagement! For example, it’s now possible to create email campaigns on Seller Central and connect with your customers following your brand not to miss the updates. This update is a great way to enhance brand awareness and not let your existing customers forget about your products.

Email Campaigns on Seller Central

For more information, check the LinkedIn post of Profit Whales CEO Vitalii Khyzhniak.


New FBA Shipment Restrictions 

In case you don’t want to lose your FBA benefits, pay attention to the shipments that were already canceled. Because if you try to send them into FBA again, there are high chances they will be discarded repeatedly. Moreover, it might cost you your FBA status. The new rule becomes valid on April 1st, 2022. 

Brown paper paperboxes


Dimensional Weight Fees on Amazon 

Unexpectedly for sellers, Amazon added dimensional weight fees to the list of expectedly increased FBA fulfillment fees. Seemingly, an insignificant new point in the fee changes can play a significant role in sellers’ budgets. 

FBA fulfillment fees change

Source: Amazon Ads

More information here: SoStocked


Amazon Ranked 4th in Global Shopping App

Amazon decreased to be fourth in Global Shopping App in 2021 by popularity. In 2020 the Amazon app took first place. Nevertheless, in the U.S ranking Amazon is still the most downloaded app. Worldwide the most popular shopping app is Shopee.

Worldwide Shopping App Downloads

The information is taken from Marketplace Pulse.


View-only Access for Manager Accounts

Often brand owners struggle handing over their manager accounts to their advertising partners because they can never be sure that they won’t ruin anything. That’s why Amazon launched a feature that allows owners to control the level of granted access to the account. You decide whether other individuals can view only or edit!

View-only Access for Manager Accounts

Source: Amazon Ads


Third-party applications with access to your account

Amazon introduced to advertisers a new third party applications page that gives better visibility of third party applications and services. Just like the update mentioned above, this one gives greater control of the actions that can be taken over your account and simplifies the ways of account management. 

Third-party Apps with Access to Account

Source: Amazon Ads

Check out for more info: Amazon Ads


Stay tuned for even more Amazon news next month! 


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