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ACOS Alchemy: Revitalizing Amazon Advertising Strategies

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Profit Whales Team on Mar 19, 2024 in Case Studies




In a pursuit to enhance advertising performance on Amazon, our client initially opted for multiple Sponsored Brand (SB) campaigns. However, this approach backfired, leading to adverse effects on overall performance, particularly in exceeding the targeted Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) threshold and diverting orders from well-performing Sponsored Product (SP) campaigns.



Faced with the dilemma of deteriorating metrics and the counterproductive impact on SP campaigns, the challenge was clear: how to rectify the situation and regain control over ACOS while preserving the efficiency of SP campaigns.



Our PPC and marketing teams embarked on a week-long intensive optimization journey, intricately fine-tuning both SB and SP campaigns. The result was nothing short of remarkable—ACOS was slashed by more than half, plummeting from 38% to a lean 14%. Surprisingly, this optimization not only met the ACOS target but also propelled sales to a remarkable 50% increase. This uptick in sales wasn’t merely a consequence of heightened impressions and clicks; rather, it was fueled by a significant improvement in conversion rates. Concurrently, a noteworthy reduction in ad spend materialized due to a drop in cost-per-click.

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