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Top of the Amazon Search in 8 Days – Yoga Mats Case Study

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Profit Whales Team on May 01, 2022 in Case Studies

Bringing the Yoga Mats Brand to Amazon's Top


Result of Profit Whales Cooperation


Company Background

British lifestyle Yoga Mats brand sells mats for yoga and fitness lovers of all levels – from beginners to pros. Owing to the population’s general interest in healthy living, it has become one of the fastest-growing sellers in the UK.


The Challenge

One of the seller’s main problems was that advertising on its account was not structured in any particular way. Launching automated campaigns mixed with “broad-phrase-exact” was done without any of the negatives usually associated with the practice. In addition, the lack of control over the ad performance (because of no structure) or position of search queries left the seller baffled and unable to spend the resources rationally. 

The brand put no attention to the division of variants within advertising campaigns. Instead, the targeting focused on everything at once, increasing excess costs.


The Solution

Seeing that the brand had that many troubles, we decided to employ our most potent weapon – the Zero-to-Hero structure. With this strategy, every aspect must be carefully considered and expertly executed to meet the client’s objectives. The graph below shows how our strategy works.

Zero to Hero PPC Campaign Structure


Thanks to the attractive price of the brand’s products and good ratings, we quickly brought it to the top of the search results on Amazon. We occupied all available placements at the top of the first page (SBV + SBP). To take the brand even further, we launched active advertising within the category using all types of ads. In addition, we also employed remarketing campaigns within Amazon by sort and by our listing. We divided advertising into variations for each target audience segment (individual colors for women/men and by request).

Impressions vs. Orders



All this allowed us to take the first spot within eight days. As we advance, our Bestseller badge will bring us a nice conversion bonus and help us lower our ACoS in the future to increase ad revenue.

Best Sellers in Yoga Mats


Amazon Sellers’ Struggle for the Top of Search

In this fast-paced and competitive era, Amazon sellers must show the platform’s algorithm that they are doing what it takes to succeed. With 9.7 million sellers worldwide, it is never easy to get to the top and stay there, so sellers are engaged in a heated battle for the top of the search.

What does it take to thrive on Amazon? Amazon ads are a great way to make your product known to the public. They’re an excellent tool for getting visibility for your product. But there is a catch. Amazon ads only work if you set them up correctly.

If you’re starting to get on the Amazon radar, you need to learn a lot. Meanwhile, we can help you build your first truly outstanding Amazon advertising.


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