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Boosting Amazon Home & Kitchen Brand Product Ranking 

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Profit Whales Team on Nov 03, 2021 in Case Studies

Kitchen Brand Product Ranking 
Profit Whales case study: helping a brand improve its ranking on Amazon.


Company Background

The brand that sells various things for a cozy home and a healthy workflow in the US turned to Profit Whales in the need of ranking improvement. From plates, glasses, and appliances to upholstered furniture, lamps, and decorations – the brand has tried and tested the highest quality products.


The Challenge

The brand faced many of the same issues encountered by brands in similar categories. However, the most pressing issue we were asked to deal with was to improve the brand’s product ranking. The company wanted to receive the Amazon Best Seller Rank for a product that has been holding the same positions (20-30) in a niche for a year. But competitors were gradually pushing the product for high-frequency keywords to the bottom of the search results.


The Solution

How did Profit Whales deal with the product ranking problem?

We carried out a thorough preliminary analysis of top competitors which allowed us to determine the maximum number of high-performing keywords in the niche. Then, each high-frequency key was created in a separate advertising campaign for effective placement management. We also launched a plethora of advertising campaigns (according to the ZTH structure) to attract the maximum amount of traffic.

Profit Whales also did the following:

  • Directed over 70% of the attracted traffic to the Top Of Search;
  • Conducted lightning deals on a regular basis;
  • Added a minimum coupon;
  • Enlarged the semantic core with relevant keywords and ASINs;
  • Expanded the number of medium-frequency keywords with the help of ZTH;
  • Increased the budgets and bids for advertising campaigns.

As a result, 

Kitchen brand case study


After 3 months the brand received the BSR bestseller in the category. As for the total income level, it increased 10 times in proportion to the organic. The total number of effective search queries that play an important role in ranking has increased 11 times (from 11 to 124 KW), and the average search frequency improved by 20%.

Product on 1 Position graph


As you can see in the graph above, for the first position, the number of search queries expanded to 62 KW, which is 62 times more than a year earlier.

For the second and third positions, the number of search queries increased by 8 and 4 times, respectively.

Product on 2 Position graph


Product on 2 Position graph


“Advertising is one of the main tools for increasing organic sales in a short period of time, as it allows you to attract large amounts of impressions to the product. This leads to increased sales, which in turn has a positive effect on the overall position of the product.” 

–Daryna, PPC Manager


Using Customer Reviews to Improve Best Seller Ranking Products

Customer reviews are an important data source for building products with real value. The brand was able to leverage Amazon’s customer reviews to create trust with its clients, improve their customer experience and gain helpful insights for future product development.

For instance, after examining customer feedback on its Amazon Best Seller Product, the brand discovered that clients were desiring supplementary items and more products that fused the unique all while simple design. The brand was able to gain insights in order to elaborate its offering, establishing a longer overall customer lifecycle and attracting new clients. Two new relevant products introduced by the company were designed and developed with their customers in mind.

With the intention of pursuing greater success, the brand started investing in Amazon Advertising to increase awareness and attract new buyers. Investments in Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands have contributed to an increase in sales.

In order to engage new customers, the brand used Stores and video in their search strategy to tell its brand story. It created high-quality videos geared towards assisting in the use of its product. These changes have allowed for a more direct connection with customers and for more exponential growth. Today, the brand has begun using Amazon Advertising as a natural complement to its overall strategy on Amazon, helping it to increase its audience and enhance customer experience through real-time feedback, and gain a competitive advantage over similar companies. 

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