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Making a Pet Supplies Brand Competitive and Profitable

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Profit Whales Team on Apr 13, 2022 in Case Studies

Making a Pet Supplies Brand Competitive and Profitable


Ad Orders vs Organic Sales vs Total Revenue


Company Background

A company that sells pet supplies, which had seen a lot of success since its launch, encountered problems with revenue and competitiveness and resorted to Profit Whales for help. Pet food, toys, and accessories are just a few of the many products that they offer. They are constantly innovating the products, and their content reflects the company’ main values and ideas.


The Challenge

A major challenge that the brand encountered was its inability to achieve a high profit, due to the high cost of its product. The product’s price, though comfortable for the company, made it non-competitive in the market. A short-term decrease in price was enough to allow for a growth period, but the seller soon had to retreat from their position, with a price increase outweighing the initial decrease in price.

Initially, the product ranking was fairly high if the search queries for them were extremely relevant. Still, it couldn’t make it into the top 20 subcategories.


The Solution

Profit Whales team decided to approach the creation of semantics in its “broad” sense, that is to capture the niches in which the product fits as a supplement to the main. This applied to both search queries and product targeting.

We have prepared, launched, and effectively capitalize on advertising campaigns, resulting in increased conversion rates, positioning, and profitability. In no time, the brand found its way into the top five ranking subcategories by the means of our newly created semantics approach. The launch took place at the same time as the start of the high season in the parallel niche of the Amazon business, which worked out great for our plan.

We managed to raise the price by 40% over the course of 3 months, stay in the position that we needed, and maintain the brand’s power. By increasing profits to the client, Profit Whales thus allowed them to expand the product line, develop new products, and create new revenue opportunities.

Sales vs ACoS


The next step was to gradually increase the price and monitor the product positions so that the company was not returning to the starting point. We started off with the creation of semantics capturing niches in which the product is suitable as an addition to the main one. We wanted to make sure that with their growing revenue we were able to achieve a cost-efficient budget. We were able to identify blindspots with their Amazon PPC performance and create highly-optimized campaigns using the industry’s best practices.

Product Price vs Best Seller Rank


We created a staggering PPC campaign and optimized keywords to target a wider audience.

A strategy of adding new, relevant keywords and phrases on a daily basis led to an increase in relevant traffic and more conversions. We closely monitored campaigns and dynamic change bids to help them reach their target ACoS.



After reaching this level of success, they realized that they needed to step up their efforts to optimize advertising. The company has begun researching other ad optimization solutions offered by Profit Whales that could potentially help them reduce ACoS and save spent on PPC management.

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